Website Design: Using AI to Design Ultimate User Experiences

There’s no doubt in the fact that “AI can do anything.” In the present scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has touched each and every industry vertical and domain. Amongst them, one is UX and UI designing.

Due to the emergence of machine learning and AI technology, designing a website has become a lot easier than ever before. Read on to know how AI is transforming website design.

Many companies have already started experimenting with Artificial Intelligence in developing creative things. The key advantage of AI is that it helps in improving the functionalities in a much better way. Today, customers look for websites that is easy to follow. AI will enable personalization and better customization of websites.


But how Artificial Intelligence can allow you to design a website that gives users the ultimate experience? Is it possible to bring about the whole new transformation in personalization concept? Here’s how AI does it:

  1. Artificial Intelligence offers its Virtual Hand – Artificial intelligence is everywhere! Nowadays, companies are leaving no stone unturned to use AI in their processes to make their customers’ everyday life easier and hassle-free. They are using virtual assistants and chatbots in order to better assist customers.

The virtual assistants such as Hey Google, Cortana, and Siri provide assistance to users to process their inquiries on the Internet through voice. Users can also perform other tasks such as calling a person, playing music, and booking an appointment to name a few. On the other hand, home assistants – Amazon Echo and Google Home – allow users to easily activate and control home appliances.

Online businesses that incorporate chatbots or virtual assistants in their website’s home page or web application will be able to provide better experience to visitors, thereby increasing their visitor numbers and ultimately growth.

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    1. Web Design Made Automated – Some companies have introduced a Do-It-Yourself website development platform using the capabilities of AI. Such platforms allow you to build your own website, entirely on the basis of AI. Artificial Intelligence-based tools can analyze your website content and then suggest the suitable layout, font, and colors. The end result of these intelligent design decisions is a perfect eye-captivating landing page for your website.

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But how can AI machines or programs can create innovative websites just like humans as per your needs? Well, there are many factors that make AI a great tool for website designing. They are: AI analyzes deeper data, adds higher intelligence to your website, and helps you achieve accuracy though deep learning.

Cognitive Abilities – Cognitive Ability means computing that is focused on reasoning at a much higher level. Either it is analogous to human cognition or inspired by human cognition.

Just like an artist draws pictures on what he/she sees and perceives, Artificial Intelligence machines perceive their surroundings with the help of sensors and IoT, thereby developing some attractive UX and UI designs. AI tools also deal with symbolic and conceptual information than just pure data. This is done with the aim of making high level decisions in complex designing situations. Developing the architecture of a website is an essential part of website designing, and AI also helps in planning, developing and deploying good website architecture using its cognitive and machine learning capabilities.

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Context Apprehension – It takes less than 2/10th of a second for a visitor to form an opinion about your website. It is the visual context that helps them decide whether or not to take your product or service. Visual context delivers a quick message and have a more compelling impact on the visitor. That’s why designers are required to follow certain UX rules while designing any website. AI can help you in that too!

A website’s visual context is always designed after taking into consideration the needs and demands of the users. This is where Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role. To make the visibility recognizable you need to deploy AI technology. When images and icons are designed through the AI technology, it creates a magnificent first impression in a short span of time. Compared to textual context, visuals of a website have more sensual appeal. The context apprehension abilities of AI lets designers build amazing UX/UI, which enable users to better understand the business and its operations.

Design Consistency – Inconsistency in design is the main reason why most of the websites fail. Sometimes, there are inconsistencies that cannot be recognized by the designers but machines can identify them easily. Design inconsistencies ultimately affect the user experience in a bad way. Not only do AI programs can find problems in your website design but they are also capable of fixing them, whether it is a web design or computer graphics.

For instance, if the customer query form has been placed in the wrong location, AI will detect the same in no time because of its cognitive capabilities and context apprehension abilities. It will term it as inconsistency and will fix the issue immediately. When you remove such design inconsistencies, you can easily reduce bounce rate of your website.

Artificial Intelligence is going to be the game changer…

Over the last few decades, website design and development industry has come a long way and underwent many changes. With the help of artificial intelligence and automation tools, UX and UI design services providers are leaving no chance to take the web designing to a whole new level so as to offer the best to their clients and website users. In the end, user satisfaction is what matters the most.

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