3 Tested Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

In online marketing, a landing page is a website page that appears when users click on a search engine result or an online advertisement. Landing pages are often used in social media, email marketing and SEO campaigns. The single web pages are meant to drive traffic towards your site and convert visitors into buyers. But what if your landing pages are not resulting in conversions? What is the disconnect? If a stream of targeted traffic is coming to your website but still not converting, then you’re losing on huge opportunities. Here are given 3 tested ways that you can apply to increase the likelihood of converting visitors into leads:

Increase Landing Page Conversions

  • Make it simple: The easier you make it for website visitors to understand your business and the services you offer, the more likely that users are going to convert. Visitors are scanners and so they only look for information beneficial to them. Keep the landing page template simple, avoid too much information and include some images to increase effectiveness. Remember, the simpler your landing page is, the higher the success rate of your paid search campaign will be.
  • Follow ‘CDE’ rule to design call-to-action button: Your landing page’s call-to-action (CTA) button is the pathway to your conversion success. In order to hijack the attention of visitors towards CTA button and make them click it, you need to follow ‘CDE’ (Color & Contrast–Directional Cues–Encapsulation) rule to design the CTA button. The CTA button must be in contrast to the entire page color to make it more prominent and visible. Use ‘Directional Cues’ such as arrows to direct users to what to do or follow. ‘Encapsulation’ means using a container to highlight what’s inside. Make your CTA displayed in a ‘buttony-looking’ button.
  • Optimize landing page using 4 dimensions: #Relevance – Provide relevant content to the visitors that you promised in your ad, email or social channel. #Quality – Images, videos or content used on the landing page should be unique and of high quality. #Location – Important elements of the page such as CTA, core services, benefits, etc. should be properly placed/located to catch user attention. #Proximity – Landing page should allow for quick access to information visitors are looking for.

Start with these tips to increase your lead-generation success of your landing pages. After all, your business revenue depends on higher marketing ROI. Optimizing your landing pages using these 3 tested ways will guarantee you higher return in investment for your efforts.

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