iOS App Development for Health Sector with Advanced Features

With time, availing of health care services does not need a visit from patients. The appointment and assessment can be availed using an application. It is easy and seamless for both patient and doctor. An individual residing in a remote area can also reach out to a reputed and experienced doctor.

The application for healthcare can be built and also being preferred on both platforms which are iOS and Android. Though, it has been observed that there is an increase in popularity and preference. The reasons include an increase in revenue, improved security, and less development time. Other than this, according to the statistics, the number of android applications is much more in comparison to iOS. Therefore, at the same time choosing the best iPhone app development company for the app development also becomes the primary object.

In addition to this, there are many applications that have made their mark in the market due to their innovative ideas. A few have features to find the professional caregivers for patients, some provide a complete report on health by storing and analyzing the data. There are applications that provide the flexibility to chat with doctors along with booking appointments. All these not only are improving medical care facilities but also add up the speed of the treatment process.

To know what kind of healthcare application you require firstly it is important to know about the types of the respective apps. For information, there are a few categories that are classified according to patients and healthcare facilities.

In consideration of both users mobile application, there are apps that are commonly benefiting are 

Monitoring apps 

Database apps 

Appointment & assistance apps 

Self-diagnosis apps

Health monitoring apps

Nutrition apps

The further article covers the factors that are imperative for iOS apps. While developing an application for healthcare and integrating the features it is essential to keep in mind that eventually, it should add a better experience for users. Furthermore, the app is also required to be user-friendly along with more additional features. 

  • The primary feature is Sign up or Log in. The user with the help of their email, social media, or other accounts or phone number can easily start their treatment process. While developing and designing it is essential that the process is uncomplicated that does not frustrate users. 
  • Another factor includes tracking of health. This gives patients the flexibility to monitor their condition regularly. Having a constant update on a health status such as bp, sugar level, calorie intake, heart rate or more keeps the patient informed and takes the necessary steps. 
  • Adding one more important feature which is booking an appointment will improve the functionality of the iOS app. This will help patients in taking a timely appointment along with the reminder keeping users stress-free. An advanced feature of changing the appointment date and time will further improve the user experience.
  • Integration of the doctor and patient profile in the application adds convenience to both. Very easily they can view the details that include the area of specialization, clinic location, and doctor fee. In addition to this, patients’ health records, basic details that include health data, blood group, weight, and height. 
  • It is advisable to add the rating and reviews feature of doctors. This helps patients to decide whether they want to connect with the medical practitioner. Lacking this feature will end up patients not choosing any doctor which ultimately leads to not using your app.
  • The addition of video calls in the application allows the face to face check-ups and communication between both patients and doctors. This also allows patients from remote and or far areas to directly connect and avail doctors’ medical advice.
  • The online chat improves communication and adds value to the consultation. This also gives flexibility in terms of addressing issues at any time to get advice. Furthermore, allowing the doctor to upload their prescription
  • To make the app patient-friendly add the geo-location search that will assist the user to find the nearby clinic or doctor. At the time of emergency using this feature will save their time and also provide convenience to begin their treatment. 
  • The payment gateway is another imperative attribute that will simplify service and billing. For any medical professionals and also patients collecting and paying bills is a hustling. Thus, an error-free and easy-to-use payment feature will solve the problem for both. 

All these will lead your health care app to become successful and get multiple users. Source Soft Solutions’ understanding of the need for feature-rich integrated apps provides the best iphone app developer to develop the top-notch application. To discuss your requirement and your idea, reaching out to us will get you the app delivered in no time.

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