Internet of things (IoT) Technology Solutions

Source Soft Solutions offers innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution and services to enable organizations transform their business models. As one of the emerging IoT solution providers, we provide end-to-end technology solutions for IoT devices in all industry verticals that can transform your needs into competitive differentiators.

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    Internet of Things connects people, processes, machines, and systems onto one technology-enabled network. With more than 10 years of experience in process control systems, communications solutions, and software services, Source Soft Solutions is a trusted partner to help you implement your Internet of Things (IoT). Our IoT solutions will enable your business to reap the benefits of Machine-to-Machine and IoT technology. Whether you want to boost productivity, generate new revenue streams, or radically transform your service support, our IoT services will help you achieve anything!

      Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions & Services

      • IoT Advisory Services.
      • App Development
      • Integration
      • Technical Support

    Why choose us as your Internet of Things (IoT) Services partner?

    When devices and machines in the physical world are connected to the Internet, it creates multiple new digital opportunities for industries. That’s why at Source Soft Solutions, we work closely with you to define your IoT plan, depending on your unique requirements. We know IoT is not off-the-shelf solution. Source Soft Solutions offers specialized expertise to build your own IoT environment, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

    • IoT Advisory and Consulting

    • Data Storage & Device Management

    • Enterprise Architecture Planning

    • IoT Applications and Analytics

    • Systems & Architecture Design

    • Integration of IoT Applications

    • Systems & SMAC Integration

    • IT Analytic & Data Science

    • IoT Architectural Framework

    • IoT Design Services & Support

    Our expertise in IoT ecosystem will help your business leverage the benefits of connected things, data, process and people. We leverage our deep industry-specific knowledge, innovative IT solutions, effective partner ecosystem, and robust delivery mechanism to help you identify IoT readiness and transformation. From building IoT prototypes, writing mobile applications to analyzing complex data, our IoT experts will do all the heavy lifting so your people and machines make better decisions. Our IoT expertise involves:

    • IoT Device Designs (Sensor Nodes)


    • NXP iMX based ARM Platforms

    • Customized RESTful Web Services

    • AWS Lambda and AWS Batch

    • WiFi, WiMax, 6LowPAN, wirelessHART

    • Integration of Sensor & Crypto Library

    • AWS IoT SDKs 7 TI Tiva Platform

    • IoT Cloud Ready Platform

    • Middleware Development & Support

    Source Soft Solutions only mission is to enable business transformation through Internet of Things (IoT) software. We provide ideas and insights to enterprises on the right IoT solutions that create new business models and increase operational efficiency. We help you build an IoT strategy, create a roadmap to implement it, and offer more customized end-to-end solutions to get you from IoT pilot stage to production stage quickly and effectively.

    • Highly Skilled Team of IoT Experts

    • Faster Time to Market Delivery

    • Our Own Research & Development Team

    • Industry-Specific IoT Ecosystem

    • We ‘ve Served Different Industry Verticals

    • Flexible & Reliable Services

    • Dedicated Data Analytics Laboratory

    • End-to-End IoT Solutions

    • Affordable Pricing Structure

    • IoT Technical Support, 24/7

    Our priority is your satisfaction. Check out some of our IoT projects, and you’ll get to know that.

    Leverage the benefits of connected world with us!