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Our Culture

Corporate culture is the personality of an organization – the essence of how its people work and interact. A great company culture comes down to one thing: PEOPLE. At Source Soft Solutions, we put our employees (our people) at the center of our company culture so that they have a fun and productive working environment. Get to know how our people celebrate each day, each occasion and each festivity.

Holi Splash 2021

Source Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. organized a heartwarming & joyful celebration on 26/03/2021 on account of Holi Celebration.

The atmosphere got all-vibrant when people at Source wished each other HAPPY HOLI and received Sweets and Refreshments that were planned for the occasion.

Few games were also planned for the occasion in order to put a halt to the daily hustle we make as a leading IT organization.

Our decorated premises added a spark to the smiling faces and the vibrance of Red, Blue, Green, and Violet created everlasting memories.

Diwali Celebrations 2019

This year, Source Soft Solutions celebrated Diwali with great vigor and enthusiasm. The Festival of Lights calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity. We added colors and brightness to our office with festive decor like fairy lights, rangoli, frills, balloons, lanterns, flowers, and diyas. As a part of the celebration, the HR management organized “Ethnic Wear Competition” for the employees. One male and one female employee won the competition and received gift vouchers. Our Diwali spirits were heightened with music, dance, snacks and lots of fun! Here are the glimpses of our Diwali celebrations.

Diwali Celebrations 2018

Diwali is the Festival of Lights that signifies the triumph of good over evil. It is a celebration of togetherness. The festival brings great enthusiasm, excitement and happiness. On the grand occasion of Diwali, Source Soft office was decorated with some fairy lights, rangoli, frills and diyas. The festivities that heightened our Diwali spirits included music, dance, snacks and lots of fun. Ethnic wear worn by our employees gave a traditional touch to the festivities. We look forward to more such events! Here are the glimpses of our Diwali celebrations.

Independence Day 2018

What could be a better way to celebrate the enthusiasm of Independence Day than having loads of fun, flavor and a fantastic team to enjoy together the spirit of freedom? We celebrated the 72nd Independence Day of India in the same manner. Everyone was motivated and energized to make this occasion special for the Source Soft family. Decoration team deserves lots of applauds for adorning our office with tricolor flags and ribbons. Have a glimpse of how we celebrated Independence Day with much vigour and zeal!

Holi Bash 2018

Holi is a Festival of Colors and Festival of Love. Source Soft Team came together to celebrate the colors of happiness and cherish the festivity with traditional gulaal and gujiyas. Our Holi celebration is incomplete without a lot of merry-making and playing fun games with our colleagues. We wrapped up the party with amazing photographs because they capture a memorable moment that is impossible to reproduce.

Republic Day 2018

On 26th January, we commemorated Republic Day with patriotic fervor and pageantry. Our office was decorated in tricolor to pay homage to our nation. Our employees sang National Anthem and enjoyed many fun activities together. The celebrations brought all employees together and instilled a feeling of national pride as well as love for our country. Get a glimpse of how Source Soft celebrated Republic Day in these beautifully captured pictures.

New Year 2018

It’s 2018! It’s time for a celebration! A New Year Party is a great way to make a fresh beginning. We celebrated the new beginning with our family – Our Employees. This year, we decided not to go for a boring speech and food celebration but to make memories that last long on everyone’s mind. From decoration, musical chair to dancing, we did it all and enjoyed a lot. We never miss to capture those wonderful moments in photopgraphs. Have a look!


Source Infotech Cricket League 2019

It was the first time ever when Source Soft Solutions and Source Infotech jointly organized a cricket tournament. The tournament turned out to be successful with the support of the Admin and enthusiastic participation from players. Two teams (Source Super Kings and Source Daredevils) from Source Soft and two teams (Source Warriors and Source Riders) from Source Infotech participated in this event. Source Daredevils beat Source Super Kings in the Finals by 6 wickets and emerged the deserving winner. Sumit Kumar awarded with the 'Man of the Tournament' and 'Batsman of the Tournament' for his brilliant performance while Bhupendra Singh impressed everyone with his bowling skills and won 'Bowler of the Tournament' award. Our overall goal was to work as a team and put our best efforts in the Source Infotech Cricket League while enjoying time together. We are looking forward to the next season of the league.