React Native: The Emergence of Universal Applications

In today’s era, software applications have made a footprint in almost every industry out there. We can count on banking, insurance, education, healthcare, and even our daily needs of food and meals—you name it, software applications are all around us.

This ever-growing demand for software applications is giving birth to a need to build them faster. This indeed has given birth to the emergence of universal applications in the past decade. As technology is getting advanced, so do the boundaries of expectations and accomplishments are on the rise to overcome the shortcomings reminiscent of their predecessors.

The Exigency of Universal Applications

Think of a scenario where an app can be built for both Apple Play and Google Play stores. This was not possible until now but with universal applications, this can be made to work without compatibility issues across various platforms. This method not only saves time and money but it avoids the frustrations that an individual has to withstand while creating a different app for different platforms.

A Brief Introduction to Universal Applications

The primary goal of any software application is to extend its reach to maximum users. Primarily cross-platform applications are created to achieve this goal. This is because the more platforms that you can publish your application on, the more users you’ll capture.

Want to reach the highest number of users possible in a short period of time? Consider creating a universal application that allows you to ‘build once, run anywhere.’

Universal applications have a single code base and this codebase can be used to run applications on different platforms without the need to rewrite or build them again. This makes the codebase sustainable and very easy to maintain and use on different platforms.

Engineering Universal Apps

Universal app platforms have a lot to offer, and there’s an abundance of tools to choose from while building them. Here are some points to ponder while making a choice of a tool that you’d like to use:

  • Speed: How fast would be the development?
  • Support: How many platforms is it going to support?
  • Cost: How cost-effective is the tool?
  • Risk: What risks are involved with the usage of the tool?

React Native is the tool that checks most boxes, if not all, of the boxes above, shall be your best bet, and we’ve curated the most commonly used tool React Native below.

React Native: A Developer’s First Love!

React Native was originally developed by Facebook in 2014 and was developed to help Facebook developers build single-page apps for themselves. This would in turn allow them to use the same framework to build native mobile apps for Android & iOS. Back then, it created a hustle in the app development world, and according to a survey by Statista, this made React Native the preferred choice to build universal apps in 2020.

Here’s a flow chart for visualizing the universal application building by using React Native

In simple words, React Native is a technology that uses open-source JavaScript to bind the task of two very different operating systems (for example Android and iOS) together.

Why Universal Apps is the Future of App Development?

We believe that universal apps are going to be the next big thing in the app world and let’s see what makes them futuristic:

  • Reaching the audience: As these applications are available across the platforms, they can reach out to a more extensive set of users which increases the potential of generating bigger revenues and attracting a larger user base.
  • Cloud integration: One of the biggest reasons businesses are switching over to universal apps has to be cloud integration.
  • Reduced costs and development time: Universal apps save time as compared to the traditional approach where developers have to rewrite the codes which increases the costs and development time.


There are many reasons that make React Native a better choice for building universal apps. If you are looking for react native development company and ready to discuss the needs of your business, we are there to help you out. Source Soft Solutions are offering the best react native app development services to help you accelerate your business growth in a cost-effective way.

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