UX Rules We Keep In Mind At The Time Of Product Development

Nowadays, UX designers track the individual customer journeys, conduct research and make sure that product design is aligned as per the expectations of the end users.

In the words of Jef Raskin – “As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.”
We are all part of the highly advanced globalized economy. Experience converts customers into brand advocates. In the recent past, this fact has been realized by the brands. They invest time, money and efforts so as to provide the customers with personalized and contextual product experience. Nowadays, UX designers track the individual customer journeys, conduct research and make sure that product design is aligned as per the expectations of the end users.

UI and UX design services

The skilled and professional team of UX designers help customers by crafting a compelling experience design strategy. If on one hand the technology plays the vital role in bringing the product to life then on the other hand aesthetics too can’t be underestimated. The perfect design has the power to increase the stickiness factor and increase the user engagement.


Usability – The product interface should be such that it can be used easily. It should help the users understand what they are required to do and what will be the result. Users like intuitive navigation and simple design elements so that they are able to interact without facing any hiccups. If the users are not able to use the interface as they want to, there are higher chances that they would bounce off. The top priority of our design team is to design simple, easy to navigate interface.

Accessibility – In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in connected consumerism. Presently, users use multiple devices and this ultimately creates pressure on the brand to provide seamless experience both over the website and mobile app. Our diligent team ensures that the content is legible and the interface works across all devices and platforms.

Performance – For continuous user engagement and positive experience, product performance is important. If the users are not able to get the desired information within few seconds, they choose to switch to the competitor’s website. In such a situation, the consumer-facing applications lose out on recall while the business critical apps lose out on profitability. While designing key interactions, our UX team ensures that these are designed in a way that it doesn’t impact performance.

To Give You An Amazing UX Product, Our Team Follows The Below Mentioned Practices

  • TRY TO BE STORYTELLER – It is said that unless you’re a great storyteller, you are not a good designer. To develop a visually pleasing design, the designers know that they have to tell a good story. Some things that are taken care of include: structure, purpose, personas, the problem of the user and the solution thereof. Everybody likes a good story and a story creates a great user experience.
  • A CONSISTENT FLOW – The consistent experience over web and mobile makes it easier for the user to navigate and get used to the product. We introduce consistent visuals, color themes, fonts and CTAs to name a few to ensure consistency. We also make sure that the users are able to relate to the icons and actions on both the touchpoints.
  • REPRESENT YOUR BRAND – The question “What does your brand stand for?” is always addressed. In the present competitive business market, it is very much vital to creating your own identity. A quality product interface and a well-implemented design strategy are some of the great ways to represent your brand through the product.
  • KEEP IT ALL SIMPLE – Although keeping the product design simple is difficult in some situations. But, when it comes to building UX, simplicity wins the case. A simple structure with intuitive design and minimal attraction is best suitable if you want to make your product successful. Whitespace increases the chances of engagement and conversion at the same time.
  • A GOAL CENTRIC DESIGN – While working in the UX, our team always keep in the mind the user’s point of view. We keep a check of every element that has been placed in the app helps the user to get to his goal faster. The ultimate objective of the product is to cater to the needs of the end user in the most simple and quick way possible.
  • CAREFUL POSITIONING OF THE IMAGE – One of the most effective ways of grabbing the attention of the user is to place the image properly. A careful and strategic positioning of the image can truly enhance the overall product performance and the experience of the user. The images thus chosen should take care of the sentiments of the user and they should be in accordance with the brand, tone, content and guidelines.
  • SCROLLING IS MUST – Infinite scrolling has always been the hot topic of roundtable conferences. But the true fact is infinite scrolling improves engagement and lowers the bounce rate. If you adopt continuous scroll there are 15 percentage points fewer chances of bounce rate drop.
  • CONTENT SHOULD’NT BE IGNORED – Content also forms an important part of your entire user experience design strategy. It is not only the product and navigation that should be simple but also the content. The content should be both readable and understandable. Since content is the main source of information, it should have the power to influence the user. We use right fonts and typeface to increase user retention to a great extent.
  • SIMPLE & FAST NAVIGATION – Navigation is one important element of the product that knows NO limits of improvement. The more we improve and optimize, the better is the final product. We adopt the best practices to offer faster navigation which in turn enhance the overall UX design. It also ensures not to let the user get disoriented too quickly.

It is very important for the product to establish a connection with its end user thus making them feel comfortable while interacting. The above-mentioned strategies help in delivering our customer what his target audience has initially intended for. We help our clients optimize the end-to-end customer experience with innovative and creative UI and UX design services.

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