Tips for Designing Outstanding Website Homepage

Your website is the face of your brand and homepage is the door to conversions. Your website’s homepage should clearly tell visitors who you are, what you offer and how your services can benefit them. It should provide a great first experience to users otherwise a bad impression will prevent them from further engaging with your brand. So your homepage has a big role to play in driving traffic and retaining visitors. But how can you design an outstanding homepage that attracts more and more visitors? Check out here some brilliant ideas to include while designing website homepage.

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#1 Headline that establishes your identity: Withing 3 seconds, your website needs to tell visitors “what the site has to offer” and “what users can do at your site.” To resonate with your target audience, speak with them in their language, and not in corporate gobbledygook.

#2 Messages that talk about the benefits for users: Don’t just talk about your company or features of your products and services in the homepage. Users are more interested in the benefits of using/buying your products. Craft compelling messages that communicate actual benefits for the users.

#3 Support homepage with images: A website is a visual communication medium for your brand. Visuals speak more than words do. Use graphics, images and videos that relate to your products and services and support your marketing messages.

#4 Navigation that is simple and visible: The homepage navigation bar and call-to-action (CTA) buttons should be simple and easy to find. Include a contact us button, enquiry form and search box in the homepage. Help visitors to navigate to the next step easily so that they can find what they are looking for.

A website is essential for building trust and communicating value to potential customers. Make your homepage attractive, user-friendly and navigable to convert visitors into buyers. With our unique UX/UI design services, add interactivity, aesthetic appeal and creativity to your homepage and website.

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