Important Factors That Impact Your Mobile App’s UX and UI

The advancement of UI UX designs has now set a great competition in the mobile app business. In this scenario, you need to update yourself with the current market requirements to make your app stand out from the ordinary and win millions of downloads. Take a look to know some important UX and UI designing factors and their impacts on your mobile app.

Before we start discussing the significance of these designing components, let’s take a look at some information making buzz in the design world:

  • The number of mobile applications is steadily rising. There were 178 billion app downloads in 2017, 194 billion app downloads in 2018, and 204 billion app downloads in 2019.
  • People belonging to an age group of 18-24 years spend more than 60% of their time on different mobile apps.
  • Approximately 90% of smartphone users spend their time on many apps.
  • 35% of people spend their time on social media networking and music apps.
  • 42% of consumers prefer mobile apps to meet their needs for shopping and communication.
  • Millennials are willing to pay more for mobile apps either on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • There are approximately 20 apps on every user’s smartphone.

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Clearly, mobile apps are ruling the online world and momentously impacting the behavior of its users.

How Better UX and UI impact a mobile app?

To achieve and sustain the success factor of a business, it’s relatively important for app owners to pay additional attention to the user experience (UX). It is something that tells you about how a user feels when he or she is interacting with products, websites, applications, and software. User experience can come up as the reason for the failure or success of a business.

On the other hand, the UI (User Interface) design of an application impacts the mind of its viewers and rules their interest while influencing the progress of a business. UI is the first thing to leave an impression on your viewer’s mind. If you develop customer-centric UI for the application, you are likely to upsurge the return on your investment. UI includes every important aspect such as architect of information, looks, structure, accessibility, and speed.

Factors That Impact UI and UX of Your Mobile App:

Both UX and UI has a significant role to deliver overall experience and help your customers understand your business in a better way. Take a look at some important factors you need to know about mobile app designing:

Latest Designs and Speed:

A complex onboarding process takes your customers away. Try to follow the latest trends of the latest mobile UI designs to stay ahead in the race. Your customers are too busy to waste their time in long sign-in or sign-up process. Make sure your website has a simple yet interactive process of reaching your either for the first time or over again.

Plus, the app should have interactive designs to deliver them a unique experience. Just compare the 2-year-old version of the Facebook app with its current appearance. You would wonder how much it has changed over the years.

Animated Illustrations:

When it comes to UI implementations, animation and illustration come above all. These days, they have turned out to be the best source to deliver information more efficiently. Customers feel more attracted to custom graphics, hand-drawn, visuals, and 2D or 3D illustrations. This design strategy makes your mobile app stand out from the crowd and creates a welcoming atmosphere to deliver a better user experience.

Personalized graphics leave an impact that lasts longer. A company with long years of experience in UX design and development like Source Soft Solutions can help you design animated illustrations, beautiful graphics, and app screens.

Responsive Colors:

For a better user-interface design, do not forget to use a perfect blend of contrast, shadow, intensity, tints, tones, hues, shades, and exposure. Today, all progressive businesses have become serious about using responsive colors to speak about their brands and information more effectually. Have you ever noticed the perfect blend of colors in apps like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Spotify? Just think about the reaction of customers for that dynamic color system. It’s amazing!

Artificial Intelligence:

In this highly competitive era, you wouldn’t regret using the power of artificial intelligence, which is going to be used in every app, product, software, and website in the coming times. It helps your users save their time doing repetitive tasks over and over. The use of this technology surely increases the personalized experience of your customers. Only an expert UI/UX design and development company can enable you to implement this futuristic technology in your upcoming app project.

Voice User-Interface:

Today, the popularity of virtual assistants has increased. People are getting dependent on this software for producing accurate results easily and effectively. Try to use voice command software in your app to allow your customers to interact with your brands without typing or clicking so many buttons. It delivers quick results and improves your customers’ experience.

Rich Quality of Content:

When it comes to delivering an experience, high-quality content remains on the top. Your content should bind customers with emotions, hold their interest, and tell them about your offerings effectively. The content of your mobile app should be presented in the form of a story. A UX UI design company with great designing experience can help you with your storytelling work through app designing and content.

Video Content:

Videos are becoming increasingly popular among those who want accurate and precise information through the video. It takes a few seconds to market your brands, engage your visitors, and convert them into your customers. A nicely recorded or designed video includes a sort of storytelling for creating the visual structure of your brand in the minds of your customers. More and more companies, today, are implementing this video strategy to receive more customer interests. Don’t forget to ask a UI design and development company to do this job uniquely to impact your users’ minds.

Technology remains in the continuous process of transformation and so do UI/UX designs. The game will continue to change. To win it, you would need an expert UX/UI design and development company like Source Soft Solutions. We make your mobile app reach the next level of success.

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