7 Tips for Improving UX of Your Mobile Application

An excellent application with incredible designs, relevant information, easy navigation, fast loading time, and great content is something that people want. If your application lacks one or more components mentioned above it may silently be affecting your clientele and conversion. This is where the role of user experience comes in light to properly showcase your services, goods, information to the target audience. Learn in this blog how to improve app’s UX for higher ROI.

When an app is centered on user experience (UX), it helps your mobile business to achieve its goals with no trouble. Here are are some stats that will open your eyes for sure:

  • 55% of customers don’t like to engage with an app providing a bad user experience
  • 79% of users switch to another option if they don’t get sufficient information or stuff
  • 50% of customers get frustrated by a poorly optimized website or application
  • 75% of customers say that well-formed content attract them more for an engagement
  • 65% of searchers use different technological devices to locate a business
  • 74% of people approve videos for purchasing goods or services from a business
  • Mobile search happens everywhere regardless of location or timing
  • By 2020, customer experience will become a differentiator and it will go beyond price and product

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All these stats are enough to get you serious about the UX part of your application. Here, the article highlights essential methods you can consider to improve UX or user experience for better returns, more downloads, and long sustainability in highly a competitive market.

    1. UX Research

This is a technique that helps you discover a lot more things about users including their needs, behavior, response, expectations, etc. A successful product targets its audience positively with the help of data used at the time of app development. This turns into a base of realistic and futuristic success. UX research in UX design employs different techniques and methods to create customer-centric products. It lets businesses save money, make possibilities of changes during the development stages, and fetches answers users look for.

    2. Desk Research

This is a secondary research technique to consider. The process includes the assembly of information done by using different studies from the past. With the information provided by others, you can interpret, analyze, and collate existing data sets. The method excludes the needs of designing methodology, building a team, and executing a major research project. You can review the existing information before making brand-new research in the future. This will help you to save money and efforts both. Desk research makes an important choice to gain some insights into a subject. This is one of the best well-established practices that helps to improve ROI. It provides you much information about customers, competitors, and markets to help you succeed in the business.

    3. Expert evaluation

This effective technique does not require many resources and involves a set of small yet dependable practices.

  • The first type under this category is a heuristic evaluation that tests design usability. It detects the problem in a UI design and solves them. An expert inspects the interface’s compliance through preset usability practices. The site should be tested by proficient and experienced UX experts to bring a professional perspective at the time of evaluation. This process helps you to know the shortcomings of a product.
  • Heuristic markup works similarly where someone works and does a set of tasks to give a full close-up of all faults.
  • Cognitive Walkthrough checks whether a new user can handle the interface to complete the tasks. It is an effective and fast approach to illustrate the importance of the products for its regular users.
  • Content audit is used to conclude the freshness and usability of the content. This strategy allows you to establish future plans for improved development.
  • Conversion-oriented evaluation tells you about the users with the desired action. It primarily focuses on micro-conversions to exemplify the interest of users. Increased micro-conversion approves design improvement.

    4. Competitor Analysis

You cannot beat your competitors if you don’t know their strengths. Competitor analysis prepares you to stay ahead by knowing favorable marketing campaigns, market size and position, promotions, designing of products, and other important things of your competitors. It forecasts the opportunities, finds a niche to know your business potential, improves targeting, keeps you updated, and finds new clients. Competitor analysis is performed before the beginning of a project so you can prepare a better strategy to admiringly survive in the market.

    5. In-Depth Interviews

It’s a kind of individual interview with potential users of a product. This method involves the interest and action of users. It demonstrates everything about users, their needs, experiences, actions, problems, and motivations. By considering all these important elements, you can shape a product especially made for their requirements. This lets your product to be suitable for its users.

    6. Product Testing

It is a real evaluation of the performance of the product. This important part of product development verifies fares in realistic circumstances. It allows validating the product for a real experience among real users. Frequent errors will lead to constant improvement to make a product well-intentioned for its users.

    7. User Testing

Through this method, you will come to know about the interaction between a product and a user. You can know the response without making the products live for the users. You can develop a prototype and conduct user testing on the same. Even if the testers leave the process in the middle being confused, you will have essential information to work on for improvement.

Testing a product that is live can set you to the right path for filtering it; however, careful planning and correct testing remains the key factors for constructive feedback.


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