UI/UX Design: Top Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

Design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding customers and serving their needs.” In this blog, you will get to know some of the very popular trends that will be dominating the design landscape in 2020.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.”

These words are from the experts of app and website design services companies who believe that great design is a symbolization of excellent marketing elements that set a benchmark for success. These designs should succeed in catering to their customers. Both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs come with multifaceted benefits to provide good impressions, build a bond with the users, simplify navigation, improve return on investment, and more.

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These days, online businesses are launching competitive websites and mobile apps to give access to their services to the tech-savvy users. When it comes to the success of a website or app, incredible and engaging designs play an extremely important role. Here’re some popular statistics related to the design part of a website or an app:

  • About 70% of online users say that poor user experience negatively affects the image of a brand. They don’t want to return to the same destination again.
  • Better UI can increase the chances of conversion by up to 200%.
  • 60% of mobile users uninstall an application because it took too long to respond. One second’s delay can decrease the conversion rate by up to 7%
  • 60% of internet users prefer a website or mobile app with easy navigation, quick access, fast loading time, and uncomplicated usability.

A good website or app that has an eye-catching design will leave an impact on the hearts and minds of the users. It displays engaging visual content in a more defined manner. You may surely have heard about Netflix, Splitwise, Spring, Shine, Trello, etc. However, not all designers are skillful to create designs to maintain or strengthen the customer base. Only an experienced, proficient, and professional design services provider can help you achieve your goals. Here, we have prepared the list of some very popular trends that will be dominating the design world in 2020. If your company is well familiarized with all these trends, it will indirectly encourage your profits.

  • Unfussy Product Designs:

The major motive of the user interface design is to provide optimum customer satisfaction through remarkable product designs. You website, web app or mobile application should be able to fulfill the needs of your customers. This would lead to enhanced customer engagement, improved return on investment, and strong customer base. If you want to build the future of your business through the website or application, you should pay extra attention to the app navigation. An application with simple UI looks better to the targeted users.

  • Design to Communicate with Speed:

5G will start rolling out across the globe very soon. This means people will become more impatient than they are today when it comes to app speed. Data transfer and data speed will improve significantly. Every wasted nanosecond will impact your business. Experts say that slow applications will regret not matching the pace with the fifth generation of cellular network technology. Your selection of the mobile app and website design services company like Source Soft Solutions will help you deal with the problem.

  • Use of Voice Commands for Users:

When many business owners are already using this feature, others are confused about its advantages for their business. Well, voice user-interface will come up as the top feature for mobile apps and this would surely dominate 2020. According to a recent report, more than 45% of adults in the US are using voice commands and this demand will significantly increase next year. The voice technology in website or mobile apps is going to change the digital experience of people.

  • Animation And 3D Graphics for a Hold:

Your target audience would continue to enjoy animations in 2020 but differently. Companies would be employing the technique of micro-interaction in their designs. When we talk about top trends of UI/UX design trends, 3D graphics cannot be left behind. Designers will strive hard to add 3D images to the designs so users can enjoy more realistic, vivid, and fresh views on the app.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

The technique of Augmented Reality will be used to create extra real-world interactions, add persuasive effects, and deliver information more impressively. After success in redefining healthcare, gaming, and marketing, Virtual Reality is all set to boost the interaction level with UI designs. This too will completely revolutionize the experience of your customers. Companies would be seeing high competition to deliver maximum technical feasibility to their users.

  • Potentially Attractive Landing Page:

Once you succeed in attracting a prospect to your site or app, his next step would be to click on the landing pages. A potentially strong and attractive landing page is something that can turn a prospect into the customer. Tabs with bolder icons, cards outlining the main idea, dark mode, and buttons with precise microscopy would be considered one of the potential trends in the upcoming year to set high competition in the market.

  • Other Important Features To Be Taken:

Various other features like overlapping effects of text, images, and colors, typography design, custom illustration, setting opacity of different UI elements, engagement through story-narration, attractive feedback and checkout page, white space in separation of product categories would be done in a more advanced way in 2020. An expert website design services company will be able to give you the best of these features.

The sole purpose of the information given above is to encourage you to have a customer-centric UI and UX design for your website or app. No matter whether you are planning to launch a website or have an existing mobile app, you should consider these trends for better results and more sales. We, at Source Soft Solutions, one of the best website design services company, give you the best UI design services for various industries and platforms. Our team of highly experienced designers can create responsive, easy-to-use, consistent, advanced, and user-friendly designs for your next project. Whether you own a B2E, B2B, and B2C business, our UX and UI design services are sure to meet your needs.

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