How Apple Watch Can Change the Traditional Marketing

Innovation in the technology sector has enabled us to do our work more efficiently and be more productive, and solve problems creatively.

When people have access to smart gadgets, they can do their work in the best possible way and change the future of their business. One such innovative product is Apple Watch but how has it changed the way businesses do marketing today? Let’s check it out!

Apple Watch App Development

With Apple Watch, you can get done anything right from your wrist. Although expensive, this watch is simply fabulous. But, the question is – Will this new invention change the promotional method of marketers? With each passing day, wearable gadgets are becoming conventional. Therefore, marketers are making changes in their marketing strategies to understand how customers are engaging with Apple Watch and how they are using it for doing day-to-day activities.

Some brief facts about this newly launched smartwatch by Apple:

  • It is not known as iWatch, instead it has been named Apple Watch.
  • If you want the Apple Watch to function, then you should have fairly new iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, or 6. Your iPhone must always be nearby for the watch to work properly.
  • The watch is available in three versions, namely Apple Watch, Apple Sport, and Apple Edition.
  • Apple Watch is the basic version, and its price starts at $350. Apple Watch Series 1 requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later.
  • Apple Sport is available in two sizes, and it is 30% less in weight than Apple Watch.
  • Apple Edition is the highest version of Apple wearable series. It is available in 18-karat gold version, with price starting at $1299. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) requires an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later.
  • All the models have built-in sensors which will track running distance, heartbeat rate, and other heart health parameters.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) – the wireless payment system of Apple has made it easy to make payments through Apple Pay.

Now when you know about this wearable device by Apple, let us further deal in detail how Apple Watch will change the way you market your product or service.

  1. Applications – Wearable devices are meant for entertaining and keeping a check on health, but they also provide technology advantages to us in a hand-free way. The marketers are already digging deep to figure out the best ways to promote their iPhone apps so as to get the maximum download for their respective apps on the smartwatch. If Apple Watch wearers find your app to be offering bad user experience or is not customized for wearable devices, they will abandon your app it immediately.

The wearable technology, in addition to improving the customer experience and making business more efficient, will also create new business opportunities. Smart pieces of wearable technology let the marketers collect information on the buying habits and locations of the customer. This, in turn, opens up new opportunities for marketing, including insights into user interaction and collection of customer data.

This means that enterprises need to develop apps as per new wearable gadgets that lead to more downloading and ultimately more usage.

  1. Payments – It’s high time that retailers should upgrade their payment systems to accept NFC payments, else they might lose business opportunities. In the approaching days, arm waving checkouts will make their way as against credit cards or digitalized payments. Apple Watch features a Passbook application wherein the users can store payment information, keep coupons, loyalty cards and more.

The marketers also have the option to advertise their retail store by displaying “Apple Pay is accepted here.” While checking out from their smartwatch, when the customers will read this, they will enter your shop rather than your competitor that does not offer such facilities.

In regards to customers, every time Apple Pay will be used, one time payment number and a unique security code will be generated. No card information will be actually transmitted.

  1. Social Media – Undoubtedly, users of Apple Watch are very active on the social media. Accessing social platforms right from your wrist is a magical experience and also results in more socialization. Users also get to read emails and text messages right from their wearable device.

The need of the hour is that marketers should create personalized content which is adjustable on small screen devices like Apple Watch. Simple pictures and short updates are more engaging than long articles and videos. The main aim of marketing through social media on wearable devices is to get more engagement with the help of crisp content.

  1. Geofencing – Many marketers will be pleased to realize that Apple Watch app developers now have the ability to install Geofencing and iBeacons on their apps. The geofences detect when a user of Apple watch is nearby. The biggest benefit of this is that the retail outlets, restaurants and coffee shops will be able to notify the users passing by their business place.

This functionality is available in phones, it will be much more effective when the customers will be able to receive feedback on their wrists. When this feedback will feel just like a normal tap, it will capture much more attention of the Apple Watch wearers. Marketers will be able to notify the customers about the new products, best deals or discounts as they pass by.

This is a big opportunity for marketers. Imagine a person looking for a restaurant, and as he passes by your restaurant, he gets a notification of 25% discount at your restaurant, which will expire in the next 30 minutes. Viola! That person will step into your restaurant to avail the discount and you have won yourself a new customer.

With the advent of Apple Watch, marketers and developers are getting a lot of opportunities. While Apple Watch app developers will have to create new apps for smartwatch users, marketers need to come up with customized content, optimized strategies and new deals that they can offer to Apple Watch users. New social media platforms should be designed for the Apple Watch and Smartwatch users. This will give both small and big enterprises another platform to direct their ads. These tactics will be more effective because the watch is more personal to the owner than any other device.

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