3 Real World Applications of Internet of Things

Know where the futuristic technology of Internet of Things (IoT) is heading towards with these real world applications of IoT.

Human beings are always on lookout for the ways that can help reduce efforts and hard work on their part. This is the reason why with each passing days, new tools and techniques are being invented. The perfect blend of Internet resources and finest computing hardware and processing references creates great possibilities for executing the toughest and trickiest human tasks.

To make the most of it, technologists are striving hard to come with ideas to bring in more “connected devices” into play. So, individuals and businesses can have smart devices and automated systems to help them utilize the best of IoT benefits.

IoT applications & services

Needless to say that the current hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) is huge. It seems like every day a new company announces a new IoT-enabled product. And this is continuously expanding to reveal great possibilities for users and their real world needs.

  1. Wearable Devices – Undoubtedly, wearables are the fastest growing offering of IoT. Big brands such as Google, Apple, and Samsung are introducing technologies featuring the finest of solutions across different utility segments namely fitness, health, entertainment and GPS tracking.

Now we have, fitness tracking bands, head mounted oculus displays, GPS tracking belts, implantable gadgets, and smart clothing. These are being continuously conceptualized, defined and built in accordance with the computing needs and technical purposes. With time, these devices are continuously evolving to offer more compact and energy efficient offerings.

From the studies, it has been revealed that there has been a steady increase in the number of wearable users since the last quarter of 2014. Also, the estimated number of adults using a wearable in 2018 will reach a whopping figure of over 81 million in the US alone. As per the data released by Forbes of latest marketing reports, the projected number of wearables to be sold in 2020 is 411 million.

  1. IoT in Retail Shopping – Both in terms of range and capacity, the retail sector is becoming bigger and bigger. With more and more things being added to the retail sector, new fashion trends coming into play continually, and same products available under different brand names – the retail shopping experience is enhancing each day.

And with online facet revealing the great scope and stirring the retail dynamics and disrupting the trends, the need for smart retail is increasing. With Smart Retail, your retail venture will combine with latest Internet technology to detect and define marker trends and user interests. This helps you serve your customers better, refine your business value proposition to suit user preferences and let them have better buying experience.

You will also be required to put up with better visual merchandising techniques, selling process, customer engagement programs, new channels and revenue streams, customer penetration format and optimizing the entire process of retail.

  1. Robot Surgeons – The robotic surgeries will allow doctors to perform many complex surgeries with more precision, flexibility, and control which is otherwise not possible with conventional techniques. The key benefit of robot assisted surgery is its minimally invasive nature.

Internet of Things based systems have demonstrated results in complex treatment areas such as joint replacement, behavioral health, and spinal surgery. Moreover, IoT promises advanced treatment and demonstrable outcomes across a range of conditions in the medical field. This is the reason why the industry leaders are redefining their approach to business development and partnerships to sustain competitive advantage in an outcome driven new health economy.

Not only the patients will be benefited from the use of IoT devices in healthcare sector but also the providers are seeing the bright side of this technology.

The Internet of Things is a fascinating field and connecting everyday devices to the Internet might seem to be tough. But with the advancement in IoT applications and services, we’re moving toward a future where devices are smarter, we’re more in control, and we’ll be able to leverage technology to create more efficient intelligent machines.

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