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In this digital world where customers are king, standing out of the crowd is very challenging. Businesses are going social to reach out to their customers, engage them, interact with them and ultimately build long-lasting relationship. Today, businesses have realized that social media is not about pushing out promotional materials but about having collaborative interactions with customers.

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Businesses employing social media often wonder how to link social media activities to business strategies. That’s literally the million-dollar question! Goal setting and a well-planned social media marketing strategy are critical to your social success. Below is given a social media marketing plan that will help you tap into the world of empowered customers:

1. Choose the right social platforms and practices: There are over 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users, 500 million WhatsApp users, 284 million Twitter users and 200 million Instagram users. These stats reveal that these platforms are too big to ignore. Whatever type of business you own and products you deal with, you need to reign in popularity over all these social media channels.

2. Create Buzz with Powerful Message, Images and Videos: When it comes to social media marketing, content reigns supreme, whether you post it in the form of a message, images, or videos. Offer appealing, attractive and valuable information to your customers to evoke positive emotions as this will lead to “sharing” and ultimately create buzz for your company.

3. Integrate Social Media into Core Business Processes: The ideal way to truly leverage the true benefits of social media channels is to integrate them into your existing business processes. Integration will help your business to have access to the social listening and engagement. Your business can use social media data, understand and influence the consumers by molding your social media tactics.

4. Listen! Listen Listen! Join as many LinkedIn groups as possible. Follow your customers on Twitter accounts. Spend weeks listening to them on social platforms. You’ll be amazed to know about their concerns, frustrations and much more. It’s a great way to get open honest market research.

Social media is a powerful business marketing tool that helps to increase success rate of your business. If your business is able to use social media correctly, your brand can create strong personal connection with prospective customers. Don’t dive into social media marketing without having a proper plan. Follow the above mentioned social media marketing plan and hire a social media marketing company to step up your social media game.

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