Key Reasons Why Users Are Abandoning or Not Downloading Your App

Developing a dynamic mobile app is no longer a cumbersome process, although attaining perfection is quite challenging. Even after you have attained perfection, you never know when your mobile app will be abandoned by the user or simply they will not download it.

Yes, one in four mobile apps is abandoned after a single use. Isn’t it heartbreaking? This is certainly a harsh statistic to deal with. But, end users aren’t the only ones to blame here. Sometimes, your mobile app development team may follow wrong steps which in turn can lead to the adandonment of the app thus developed. The smallest mistake can pose huge problems and risk your investment apart from a loss of valuable time.

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But at the same time, this does not mean you should give up on your mobile app development work. You need to understand the actual and common reasons as to why users are not downloading or abandoning your mobile app. And, then correspondingly come out with the best solutions to address these pitfalls.

1. Poor User Onboarding Experience – User onboarding is the earliest and the most important interaction you will have with your users. Its a tutorial or guide to your product and it has to be perfect if you want to gain your audience’s attention. Therefore, onboarding should create an amazing first impression on your users and get them acquainted with using your product.

User onboarding is a vital tool that you must use to put an end to app abandonment. Sometimes showing the users just a few clear and actionable screens is what is all required for a great onboarding experience. While at other times, full-fledged progressive onboarding experience that depicts in detail the ins and outs of your product is what is most important.

The success of your user should be your ultimate goal and should serve as the foundation of your onboarding process.

2. Privacy Concerns – Another major reason for mobile app abandonment is the User Privacy. In the recent past, mobile apps have started requesting questionable in-app permissions, sell user data, track geolocation, and automatically post to personal social media accounts on behalf of the end user.

These are the few reasons that in the present time mobile app users wary of having mobile apps that show even the slightest hint of privacy concern.

For instance, the Pokemon Go app accepted extensive data-capture permissions from the users who registered for the app. The issue was resolved within no time and was said to be a security flaw after it had occurred.

If your app requests in-app permissions, just make sure that your product actually needs the permissions it’s requesting in order to function.

You need to be upfront and honest with your user. If you do this, users will feel much more comfortable about using your app.

3. Ad Clutter – In-app advertising is still in its earliest days! As per a survey report, 24.6% of the respondents claimed to use ad blockers on their mobile devices.

On top of that, the report published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 73% of the media excess are calling for major UX overhauls in digital marketing across the board.

Therefore, it is very much clear that today’s digital advertising problems are the result of meeting the demands of “liquid audiences that discover content across a range of mediums, devices, and platforms.”

Another important highlight of the report was that if the users aren’t trying to block cluttered ads, they’re at least troubled by them. More likely they are not willing to abandon your product because of it.

Other varieties of bad ads such as abusive ads, technically flawed ads, low-quality ads, and offensive ads can easily lead to app abandonment as well.

The solution is simple: keep a close eye on your ad placements, monitor your ad types, watch how users actually react to your ads, and above all else, prioritize the user experience.

4. Technical Flaws – Technical flaws will always exist and you cannot simply blame your team for the same.

However, it would be equally unfair to ignore the technical flaws as they are the major reason why users abandon mobile apps. The crashing and freezing of mobile app is the most popular technical flaw that instantly sparks outrage amongst the users. Once the users are emotionally charged that is when they uninstall the app.

To get to the core of your products crashes, and limit the odds of your audience abandoning your app for good, accurately analyze your app’s crashes as soon as they occur.

Watch user recordings of crashed sessions so as to know the exact sequence of events that led to a crash. Viewing them from the real-life perspective allows you to know the root cause of your product’s technical flaws and fix them at lightning speed.

Be always quick in fixing product flaws, as it will protect your brand image, deter angry ratings and reviews, and prevent people from abandoning your app.

5. Overall Bad User Experience – Bad User Experience can be the result of many reasons. They occur the most when people install the app with a belief that they will receive some specific type of value or feature in return. But only after downloading the product, they feel let down. This is the worst kind of “buyer’s remorse” because each time this will happen, you will end up losing users without any time for reconciliation.

When you hire experienced and reliable mobile app design and development services provider for your mobile app project, you can expect to get great UX designs for your app.

Their designers take all the ground realities into consideration for every single screen, function and button. Great UX is designed to accommodate your users’ highly-targeted needs.

This is where qualitative analytics steps in! Qualitative analytics employs visual tools such as user session recordings and touch heatmaps to show you exactly how users are experiencing your app.


In order to boost up your retention rate, you need to have a thorough look at your app and assess whether your app is guilty of contributing to any of the above-mentioned reasons. Moreover, you need to make a paradigm shift in your focus while designing, developing and deploying the mobile app. Hire the best mobile app design and development services provider to ensure your app is highly secured and free from technical flaws, has great UX design and provides a good onboarding experience.

Downloads don’t equal value! Happy, active users are the key to mobile app success. Start gaining the attention of the users who actually look forward to each session with your app.

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