Factors That May Be Killing Your eCommerce Sales

Are you trapped in bad eCommerce practices? Does fast-growing eCommerce seem a dream to you? If yes, you may be considering the wrong methods. Wrong or ineffective exercises stop genuine customers to reach your website, browse your offerings, and make a purchase. Understanding these errors and challenges is very crucial. It’s high time to make a change and eliminate profit-killing activities for improving your overall return on investment. Keep reading the article to uncover those clues and kick-start the success in 2020.

Recently, a research report of a global B2B eCommerce market has been released. It focuses on the challenges, landscapes, openings, standardizations, latest technologies, and drivers the domain will have from  2020 to 2024. According to this data, more companies would participate in the market and existing companies will increase their size, product scope, sales volume, and revenue. The leaders of the eCommerce market like Amazon, Walmart, IBM, Alibaba, Magento, Oracle, Net Suite, and Global Source would take full advantage of technological alterations. According to the data.

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  • Block-chain will have great control over data. It would work as an indelible ledger to track any type of data.
  • Cross-device identification will let marketers better understand the needs of their customers.
  • Real-time marketing will allow marketers to understand essential steps in the purchase cycle. This would increase user-experience.
  • Voice will come up as a premier marketing channel to complete a lot of tasks of the consumers.

Adopt these practices to improve your business performance; but before that, eliminate the growth killers of your business.

Perform A Test At Your Checkout Funnel:

Understanding consumer behavior on your website is the key to diagnose the major problems of your business. Follow a testing strategy to know what impacts your eCommerce website positively and what hurts it negatively. Start performing a test that includes product detail page view rate, cart abandonment rate, bounce rate, revenue per visitor, and loading time. Remember that buyer behaviors can change on different devices. Make sure you do this test on mobile, desktop, laptop, iPad, and other technological devices to offer a seamless experience.

The checkout process should be easy and quick. Offer different payment alternatives. Make sure the website is adaptable to different screens and it does not lose customer interest. Remove the unnecessary barrier of login walls; not all customers want to login with your website. Provide guest checkout for a hassle-free shopping experience. Hire the best eCommerce marketing agency that can help you know and crack all testing errors straightforwardly.

You Have Lack of or No Social Proof:

The quality of your product is nothing if you don’t have real experience of previous customers in the comment section. Whether you are a startup or experienced business, prioritize trust-building because large businesses focus on it. People want to invest in a product that other customers have used before. Your customers find reviews more reliable, attractive, and genuine to proceed further. A product with the maximum number of positive reviews appeals to them a lot. So, let your customers publish their experience and let new prospects be your potential customers. Reviews, recommendations, and ratings are considered as social proof of your great delivery. Besides, you must have a great social presence at various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

People don’t like the Way Your Website is:

For a website, the first impression is the last impression. Also, a lasting impression can give you a glimpse of your services. In many cases, people don’t like what they see when they land on some websites. If you are getting huge traffic and a high bounce rate, this may also be happening with your website too. Make sure that your website has enough material to hold customer interest. Also, troubleshoot the design issues to make your online shop look appealing to the target audience, so they can complete their desired actions. Make sure it has appropriate categorization of products, sorting, filtering, complete product descriptions, attractive themes, interesting designs, and style to increase customer engagement.

You Maybe Doing Poor eCommerce Marketing:

Ecommerce SEO services can either make your game or break them. If you have chosen the wrong service provider, you may not be reaching your right audience. An eCommerce marketing company plays a significant role to convert your target customers into buyers. They conduct a thorough SEO audit before creating a marketing strategy. A reliable SEO company will understand your business and target audience before marketing your store across multiple channels. According to a report, if your eCommerce business generates an average growth of less than 20 percent, you need to switch to an expert eCommerce SEO marketing services provider. Change because you are losing an average place in the market. Your customers are unable to see your website, browse your offerings, and place an order.

Pay Close Attention to Customer Support:

Support is the key to building a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship. Your customers always want instant and valuable support for their problems. Pay extra attention to customer interaction via customer helpdesk, messaging apps, social media platforms, emails, and other modes. Also, do not hesitate in accepting your fault of delay in services or delivery. Your customers would find it a gesture of a good provider. If possible try to conduct surveys to know the exact demands of your customers. This would help you to know them better and offer them what they really want.


January is the beginning of the New Year, new opportunities, new promises, and new goals. Promise yourself to strictly consider all the above-mentioned rules to achieve new heights of success during 2020. Start working on all these causes responsible for a slowdown of the conversion rate. Or consider Source Soft Solutions – a reliable and experienced eCommerce SEO marketing services provider. The company has provided desirable online growth to a large number of clients from around the world. Contact us to know our best plans for you.

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