Increase Sales of Your eCommerce Website with These Tips

Nowadays, many consumers like to shop using their mobile devices. How successfully the buyer is able to search on a website increasingly determines whether these shoppers will make a purchase or shop somewhere else.

A new survey of consumers reveals important data that underlines the importance of getting the search feature right, for mobile and voice assistants.

A significant number of mobile shoppers are dissatisfied. A large number of shoppers reported that they were successful in buying the things without facing any hassles. There were almost third of shoppers who reported dissatisfaction with their mobile shopping experience especially when it came to searching for products on a website.


The question raised to consumers was “Are you generally satisfied with the search results you get when you search on a retailer’s mobile site or mobile app?”

68% of the respondents said that they were happy while the remaining 32% reported that they were not. Therefore, it is very much vital to test the searchability feature on your website and fine tune it so that it gives out the most accurate results. Fixing the loopholes in the mobile search experience may help increase sales for mobile shopping.

Also, from the survey, it was concluded that 95% consumers likely left the retail site because of the poor search results. As consumers increasingly shop with mobile, if you are experiencing lower conversion rates, it’s time to do some investigation and improve the mobile search function.

Desktop Search Vs Mobile Search

When consumers were asked “How to do product search results on your mobile device as compared to the ones you see on laptop or desktop?”

For this question, only 7% people reported that they received better results on their mobile device while 30% reported that they received worst results in a mobile device over the desktop. On the other hand, the majority of respondents reported that they didn’t find any difference. But one thing that should be given attention is about the poor quality search on mobile devices.

Most Frustrating Part of Using Search Functionality

The most frustrating part of the search experience is related to experience. 51% of the customers reported that they were unable to find what they were looking for – and this was the leading complaint. On the other hand, another 275 reported that the search results were all irrelevant. The rest simply couldn’t find what they wanted to purchase.

Voice Assistant and Search

In a survey, it has been found that 14% of the consumers choose Google Assistant for shopping while 13.1% choose Apple Siri. Amazon Alexa was close behind in third place at 9%.

It might be the case that Google Assistant and Apple Siri are popular due to their ubiquity on mobile devices while Amazon’s Alexa is tethered to Amazon’s home device. Moreover, due to their popularity, both Google Assistant and Apple Siri are the most preferred when the consumer wants to shop as against Amazon’s Alexa.

All in all somewhere around 30% of consumers reported using voice assistants to shop, while the remaining 70% do it by themselves. Voice Assistant devices are currently entering a mature phase of development. So much so that 30% are already using voice assistants to shop indicates a growing trend.

This means in the near future, it will become increasingly vital to make your stores’ voice assistant friendly. In order to achieve the same, avoid creating web pages that cannot be easily read. For instance, displaying pricing information in tables could keep your site out of voice assistant search results. Choose the right platform for your eCommerce website to make it easier for you to optimize your site for voice search.

Which Age Group Uses Voice Assistant

Apparently, the older the consumer the less likely are the chances that they would use Voice Assistance for shopping. This doesn’t let eCommerce sites cater to older consumers off the hook. This means they have more time to update their sites before older consumers adopt voice search in greater numbers.

No doubt paid search for eCommerce sites is a great way to increase sales, but making your online store voice search friendly will be beneficial as well as a cost-effective way to increase revenue. This is helpful especially for the stores that cater to the needs and demands of the younger generation.

Follow the above mentioned tips to witness a drastic increase in your online shopping sales. When you cater to the changing needs of your consumers with advanced technology, your eCommerce business will definitely grow.

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