The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce SEO That You Must Follow

Gone are the days, when reaching on the first page of Google was in itself a great achievement. Nowadays, Rank #1 is what matters the most.

The website traffic and the number of impressions received by the page on the First Number is always the double of the second position thereby illustrating the value the first spot holds.

So, there’s no second thought that ranking higher than your competitors on Google is a must. But, for the same, you need to work with well reputed SEO agency that can provide you with eCommerce SEO consultation services. Their team of experts plan and implement strong eCommerce SEO strategy that not only helps you rank First on the search engine but also make sure that you don’t lose out on brand impressions, clicks, and sales. Follow the below mentioned ultimate guide to eCommerce SEO and become an SEO savvy business marketer.

Ecommerce Seo Consultation Services


An effective eCommerce SEO campaign begins with Keyword Research. While conducting keyword research, find keywords for your homepage and product pages, the select keyword for blogs, and avoid keyword cannibalization. At the same time, do competitors research to know which keywords they are going for, from where are they getting links and how their site architecture looks like. And lastly, what strategy you will adapt to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

For an effective eCommerce SEO campaign, follow this checklist to identify the keywords: Search Volume, Keyword-Product Fit, Commercial Intent and Competition.


Site architecture plays a significant role in eCommerce site because such a site tends to have more pages that an average website. Follow two Golden Rules of eCommerce site structure: Rule #1 – Make sure that the things are simple and scalable and Rule #2 – Keep the product three clicks away from your homepage. Make sure that there’s no “deep” site structure.

The simple and flat architecture makes it easy for browsers to find the products they want. This also makes it easy for Google to easily find and index all product pages.


For every eCommerce site, category and product pages generate an ample amount of traffic and sales – therefore they need to be optimized. When it comes to on page optimization – focus on keyword optimization, site structure, internal linking, usability, the mobile version of the website, customer reviews, rich snippets, and social media integration.

Another vital on page SEO tactics that need to be followed for eCommerce pages include A 1000+ word descriptions, make sure to include your keyword 3-5 times in the description and also search and include LSI keywords. LSI keywords are the ones that hold the close association with the main keyword.


Technical SEO is vital for eCommerce sites for they have tons of pages to manage and all those pages increase the odds of technical SEO issues. Common technical SEO issues in eCommerce site include Too Many Pages – To fix them identify the pages that can be deleted or no indexed without affecting the bottom line. Duplicate Content – Write unique content that hasn’t been no indexed or set up with canonical URLs.

Another problem is Site Speed – Upgrade your hosting, invest in a CDN and optimize the image file with compression to make your site more secure and safe.


When it comes to link building, your aim should be to earn quality inbound links. If low quality sites have been linked to your website, then Google penalize your site and also the traffic will yield no positive results. Therefore, focus on earning links from really good and high authority sites that offer the quality link in exchange of something valuable. You can also request for the specific anchor text from the website owner.

Use the combination of the above mentioned strategies to streamline your SEO process for the eCommerce site. When the SEO will be done in the right way, you’ll see a significant increase in quality traffic, which will lead to more conversions and repeated visitors. SEO work isn’t a onetime deal. It requires the investment of time and efforts, but the benefits are worth it.

It’s time to give your website the competitive edge that it needs with eCommerce SEO consultation services from Source Soft Solutions. We have years of experience in helping companies grown on Search Engines. Our SEO consultants are well versed with the skills that will help you achieve top rankings, better traffic, and better conversions.

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