Why PhoneGap Is A Great Choice For Your App Development Project?

For a very long time, businesses have been relying on native app development. One of the main reasons behind their preference is faster operating speed. Native apps are famous as performance-centric apps. Since these apps are created only for a specific operating system, they ensure efficiency and smooth functions. Their responsiveness involves heavy graphics, HD games, intensive animation, etc. Many businesses are selecting native apps because they can easily be combined with the entire ecosystem.

PhoneGap App Development Company

Instead of all these characteristics, many native apps are struggling to reach out to a wider customer base because they fail to target multiple device platforms at once. This is where PhoneGap app development comes in light. It does not let the resources go in vain for developing different apps for different platforms. It develops a single app that works for all devices. If you are still not sure whether PhoneGap app development is right for you, keep reading the blog-post till the end.

Saves A Huge Extent Of Time:

Since PhoneGap is cross-platform, it allows you to save time by developing a single app that can be customized to work smoothly on multiple platforms including WebOS, Tizen, Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Bada. Developers have to write only one code that works perfectly on all platforms.

Developers do not need to create the app in different programming languages, corresponding to different platforms. Also, they do not need to waste huge time in post-development activities like testing, debugging, retesting, etc.

Gives Better Access to Native APIs

PhoneGap is one of many efficient platforms that provide developers access to Native APIs so the app can use contacts, accelerometer, camera, geolocation, and other native features and deliver improved user experience. App users can get an experience of using a highly advanced, superior, and feature-rich native app even when compared to the web apps. With PhoneGap app development, you can ensure having an excellent version of a native app.

Saves Money and Helps You with Tight Budget

If you have a tight budget for your project but still you want superior features for your business app, PhoneGap is the right tool for you. When you decide to go with a cross-platform framework, you actually decide to spend your money only on a single app that runs efficiently on various platforms. This will save you a lot of money and turn you into a smart decision-maker.

Offers Flexibility of Using Web Technologies:

PhoneGap apps use simple languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, so developers do not need to work on learning new languages. They can use existing languages and write programs efficiently.

PhoneGap has been in the market for a very long time and it gives access to tons of libraries and frameworks to help developers in better programming and creating a more functional app.

Adds Exclusive Features To Your App:

You can turn your existing app into a whole new application by adding extensive features straightforwardly. All you need to do is to make some changes in the common code and then you are free to customize the same app to expand its functionality over different platforms. If you have a little familiarity with coding, implementing changes is not a big deal. This feature makes PhoneGap to secure the top position in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Offers You The Way To The Large Community Base:

PhoneGap has one of the largest development communities which is growing constantly. So, you will be having a ton of examples and also many experienced members to offer you great support. It will help you to find the solution to any problem without being in touch with the PhoneGap app development team. It makes it possible for you to identify all kinds of issues and find quick solutions for the same.

Offers Easy Interaction with Your Customers:

The sole purpose of business owners is to create an app that can help them to connect with their customers, allow them to interact with products, increase their engagement in the services, and entertain them with the offerings. PhoneGap helps businesses achieve this purpose easily. Also, it allows you to track your customers’ interaction and their behavior to create a set of data that help them make smart decisions to improve their services. That’s how it helps you to empathize with your business and grow.

Reduces Time To Market And Streamlines App Management:

A PhoneGap app can be published on all application platforms which helps business owners in the search engine optimization process. It can also help you to deliver ads to multiple devices easily; so, you can easily create products that are related to gaming, specific services, entertainment, and other purposes to target more audience and keep them engaged. This way it allows businesses to increase their returns. This feature keeps PhoneGap a favorite choice for many startups.


Seeing all the above-mentioned features of PhoneGap app development, it would not be wrong to say that this cross-platform framework is simply the best choice for your business. However, you will require a highly experienced and expert PhoneGap app development company to create an exceedingly practical, purposeful, compatible, and progressive app to bring your idea in front of your intended audience. Contact Source Soft Solutions and understand how we can help you with the most suitable PhoneGap app for your business. Reach us right away!

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