Why to Choose PhoneGap Application Development Services for Your Project?

With the emergence of various open source platforms, it has now become possible to develop a single mobile app that is compatible with various devices. PhoneGap tops the long list of open-sources available today and provide extensive features you should definitely know. Keep reading the blog that enlists some of the best advantages of hiring PhoneGap app development services for your next project.

The need of mobile applications has increased with the number of smartphone users and their nature of being impatient. Yes, you read that right. A user hates to wait and wants any activity in just one click. That’s the reason most of the online businesses are looking to build mobile applications to offer seamless experience to their users. These apps save time and do a lot of work occupying a little space in the mobiles.

It’s been a decade since the launch of PhoneGap. It offers an ideal open-source platform for creating mobile applications that have intrinsic device capabilities. It is known as one of the best cross-platform frameworks which runs smoothly on multiple mobile platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and others. Developed by Nitobi Software, the open-source framework allows developers to build apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to its wide range of features, the technology has been adopted by a huge community of developers around the world.  Let’s check why you should choose PhoneGap for your next project.

PhoneGap Does Not Require Any Special Skill Set:

The most important thing which makes the platform distinctive among many others is the coding process. Developers don’t need to have special skills or learn any complicated language to develop codes for multiple platforms. The technology uses browser-based HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create highly functional mobile apps. They can develop any kind of mobile application proficiently and quickly. This property shows PhoneGap’s compatibility with various web languages.

It Has a Speedy Mobile Application Development Process

It comes with a beginner’s guide to help first-time PhoneGap developers to understand the basics and significant constituents. Besides, it has extremely powerful backend system which lessens the efforts of the developers, increase efficiency, and speed up the entire application development process. Businesses with great needs of apps and also less time can modestly choose this option for their projects. Code reusability shortens the time to market. That’s how it helps you save on time, money, and resources.

PhoneGap App Development Services

PhoneGap Makes It Easier To Deploy The Application:

As it’s an open source framework, you can create one application for multiple platforms. Deployment is easier with PhoneGap. The application developed for a platform can be easily deployed by the developers. This would not take much time and efforts. Development in PhoneGap means less time and efforts. It’s also a good option when you are requiring a single web application with native apps.

The Applications Are Easy To Install And Distribute For The Marketing:

The application serves your business purpose in a significant way. Users can easily install the applications in their mobile and enjoy the features to a great extent. Both the distribution and the marketing of the application developed in PhoneGap technology are easier. Therefore, a business can easily increase its reach among the circle of target audience. That’s how the platform helps your business to grow gradually for durable advantages.

PhoneGap Has Amazingly Friendly User-Interface:

PhoneGap mobile application development employs uniform coding process which makes the user-interface remarkably friendly for worldwide users. Enhancement, update, adding new features, and doing other tasks are quite easier in a PhoneGap application. Besides this, maintaining the application is as simple as a cake walk. Now, developers don’t need to get frustrated or wait for a long time to see the changes done in the application. The hot-reloading feature improves experience and reduces developers’ frustration.

PhoneGap App Behaves like a Native App in the Device:

It’s an impressive property. It taps into the hardware of mobile devices such as camera, accelerometer, geo location, and other features to make use of the properties of the native resources of the device. React Native is another cross-platform app development platform that provides serious competition to PhoneGap in terms of utilizing the native properties of a device. Apps developed using React Native also behave like native apps in a device.

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 Bigger Community and Great Support from Expert Developers:    

PhoneGap is a brilliant open-source framework which allows developers to work on a great application development platform without any additional cost. To make it more accessible, popular, and usable, the PhoneGap community, time-to-time, introduces new modules, and codes for more improvement.

You can even go with React Native app development services to develop an excellent cross-platform mobile app for your venture. However, choosing the right framework for your app needs is critical to success of your new venture. Contact experience developers to discuss the pros and cons of React Native and PhoneGap app develoment services.


Hope, these advantages might have helped you a lot as they cover almost every property of the framework. The extensive capabilities make PhoneGap an ideal selection for business looking for expansion at a certain budget. It is simply the best solution for small and middle-sized businesses looking for technical advancement.

Now, if you are thinking to choose this open-source platform for your mobile app development, you have made a right choice! Contact Source Soft Solutions to get a proposal for our best PhoneGap app development services. Our dedicated support team will connect you with our highly talented professionals who will answer your queries more wisely and also in a satisfied manner. We develop the best application and help you stay ahead. Contact us today!

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