SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight, It’s a Long-Term Process

The clients who love promises more than the SEO process,
Remember, a few magical tricks won’t yield any success for your website on the search engines. Making your site rank at the top of search engines for the most competitive keywords is a cumbersome process – it needs an optimized SEO process, it needs time, and it needs patience.

Do you think or believe that SEO can yield instant results for your website? If yes, then you’re far behind the reality. You have to cover miles to achieve your ultimate goal. SEO is a long-term but result-oriented process. You will not achieve top rankings in the search engines overnight!

SEO Ranking

Now, what is this SEO Process?

How long does SEO take? We will make you understand this by drawing a comparison between SEO and fitness.

There are no shortcuts for being healthy and fit. You’re given a plan that includes doing exercise, eating healthy diet, and having good sleep. You have to abide by this plan to reach your fitness goal.

Same is the case with the SEO process. You can’t be impatient with the SEO process. Being a well-reputed business owner, you too follow a process to fulfill the promise you made to your clients. In the same manner, SEO along with other forms of digital marketing requires patience and proven strategies to bring in traffic, leads, ranks and growth.

You can’t achieve the promised results if you become impatient somewhere between the well laid out SEO process. The process includes several steps, and each of the step has been dealt in detail below.

Step #1 – SEO Audit – At Source Soft Solutions, the very first step we initiate for any client is SEO audit. Full website auditing comprises two things: technical and content audit.

  • Technical Audit – In this process, we thoroughly go through each element on the site that impact its SEO performance. Speed, website structure, and URLs are some of the vital elements affecting your site’s rankings. Technical audit is an in-depth analysis and sometimes a day’s time is required to diligently complete it.
  • Content Audit – Whether you have a small or large website, content audit is recommended. It is during content auditing, we can identify whether there is a need to add more pages, refurbish the existing content or rewrite the complete site content as per the selected keywords. If we find that content is not targeted towards your customers and does not include most searched phrases, we recommend improving it. And, once new and improved content is published on your website and indexed by Google, your site would witness new conversions.

What to do after audit – Go through our audit report to get a complete overview of your site and see what needs to be fixed in order to rank well in the search engines.

Step #2 – Keyword Research and Technical SEO – Keywords play the most important role. You need to be well aware of what people are looking for, how they are looking for and how search engines use keywords to serve results. Along with the same, we also ensure to fix the technical aspects of the site such as indexing, crawl errors, internal linking, site mapping, site speed, redirecting, broken links, HTTPS, and AMP.

What happens once the technical glitches are addressed and keyword research is completed – Technical glitches are the foundation of an optimized site, therefore they need to be strong. Once optimized, they increase the speed and functionality of your webpages and website. How keyword research will help? A thorough keyword research helps us to write high quality content around those selected keywords. This helps you to be in front of the targeted audience when they need you the most. If they aren’t able to find your services or products you offer, then you will lose a prospective customer. And we assure you that this won’t happen if we fix technical issues and publish optimized content on your site!

Step #3 – Location Demographics – Location is a vital factor, whether you’re doing SEO for a local business or for a specific country. Before you start the SEO process for your website, you must know how your potential customers look for location-based businesses and service providers. For that, your website must be listed in Google My Business Listing. Accurate location information about your company need to be added to your site such as company name, official address and phone number. Your website content should also refer to the specific area you’re targeting.

How local listing helps you – Google rewards websites on the factors such as relevance, credibility, and prominence. The more accurate data your site will feature, the better will be your ranks.

Step #4 – Content Strategy & Marketing – Providing relevant, unique and original content on your website is important because it affects your ranking on SERPs. We create a customized content marketing strategy depending on your domain, products/services and budget. Whether the client provides the content by himself or asks us to do so, either way, we always ensure that the content is highly optimized as per the targeted keywords.

What to expect from content marketing – We create content that earns links and people find interesting to read and feel like sharing. Ultimately, it should lead site visitors to convert. While optimizing the content, we adopt the best SEO practices and keep in mind the audience personas. Enhancing content means increasing website navigation, and calls to action for a better user experience.

Step #5 – Website Ranking – You don’t have any control over the SERPs or organic results that you see on search engines. But, you need to understand how search algorithms work. One thing that can work is how well you know your audience. Create content that serves their needs. Improve your site’s user experience.

What you can expect – If you excel in doing everything, then you can optimize your website, build a compelling brand, and in the end, you will be rewarded with the higher organic search visibility.

If you follow this long-term yet result-oriented SEO process without fail, then you’ll be at the top position of search engine result pages.

Plan a smart SEO strategy with us. We will work upon it together. So that you can achieve your goals.

Make SEO the GPS of your website to help you guide exactly where you want to reach.

As the best-rated SEO company, we follow this process thoroughly. And the magic that our clients’ witness is beyond their expectations.

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