Definite Guide To Content Creation That Earns Links & Increases Traffic

Link building is the most difficult element of Search Engine Optimization.

But its vital for earning links and increasing the organic traffic.

Why? Because search engine care about links.


From the above given Pie Chart, it is very much clear that more than 42% of Google’s ranking algorithm is dependent on links.

You need to keep Google happy if you want to boost your ranking, which in turn, increases organic traffic to your website.

great-contentLinks play a vital role when it comes to building your brand. Almost 24% of Google’s ranking algorithm is attributed to the trustworthiness and authority of your host domain.

Moreover, there’s no guaranteed roadmap to success in Search Engine Optimization. So prior developing your link building strategy, perform a technical SEO audit of your website. This will help you discover where to optimize, what content to create and how to target keywords.

When you earn a link from a reputable website, it adds to your domain authority. You also end up gaining exposure and potentially direct traffic from the linking site. But the problem lies in creating valuable content. Creating valuable content takes a lot of time and effort, and then you have to keep conducting outreach to earn links.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to content creation that helps you earn links and increase traffic:

Target the Linking Audience – Marketers who follow smart SEO goals figure out often figure out their target audience prior creating tons of content. Most businesses define their audiences as buyers. You can go to Google if you want to find out whether your buyer person is a linking person. All you have to do is put in the relevant space phrase and Google it. For instance, homebuyers inurl:links.

Go in depth of each result to find out if they are good link prospects or competitors. At the same time, answer these two questions: Do they link to outside resources? Do they link to branded resources?

If for both the questions the answer is YES, then it might be a good prospect. You don’t need to make concrete tabulations. Since you are still in the ideation stage, you must find out if there are good opportunities worth grabbing.

But, you need to have a general sense of whether it is justifiable to spend time and energy on a particular campaign. Remember, you need thousands of link opportunities to land a few dozen links. If in case you find that the buyers who link to external and/or branded resources yet you do not have an ample amount of numbers in order to be competitive in your vertical, go outside of your buyer persona.

Create a Linkable Asset – Once you have chalk out the target audience, you can move on to creating a linkable asset such as a long-form content, guide or case studies. The content should be able to:

  • Provide enough information to completely solve the problem of audience
  • It should be better than the competitors’ content
  • It should grab and keep the attention of the reader
  • It should offer lots of actionable information
  • It should be organized into checklists

Write Tangential Content – Tangential content is something that affects your buyer but isn’t directly related to your products and services. It is the tried and the most effective ways to drive links.

Although the tangential content is not directly related to your product or service, this does not mean that the content is irrelevant.

Tangential content broadens the reach of your campaigns, giving you access to new audiences and puts your brand in front of more people.

 Key Highlights

  • To achieve success, the client needs a long-term commitment to link building.
  • Don’t expect to attain good outcome with only a single piece of content. A sustained effort with several pieces of content is enough to help you achieve positive results.
  • Focus on different parts of the buying cycle and explore different audiences (i.e., underserved audiences).
  • Don’t hesitate to write tangential content.


The worst thing about link building is that once you stop outreach, you will stop receiving links. Therefore, make link building an ongoing commitment. The key to generating link effortlessly is to create content that acts as the source. This content will naturally fetch the attention of other content creators who want to put in the same information in their content.

Of course, you need to promote your content!

Partner with the best content marketing agency that can help you create and promote evergreen content while focusing on your target audience and link building objective.

When you’ll gain valuable citation links to your site, then they will boost your ranking, domain authority and traffic.

Ultimately, the more valuable content you create, the more links you’ll receive.

What goes around comes around.

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