How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Funnel for Your Business?

Before we run to the tactics of creating a successful content marketing funnel, let’s understand what the process is. A content marketing funnel is a system that brings new opportunities to your business through different types of content. These leads are then taken for the conversion by systematically funneling them through other types of content.

In simple words, the content marketing funnel is a structure that involves the creation of content in stages like creating awareness, converting readers, and then making sales. This step-by-step system takes you to the stage of a buyer’s journey. Though every funnel follows the same basic process that customers go through, they can be different based on their methodologies.

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In the entire journey for a prospect to become a customer, the process demonstrates the success quotient. These funnels have been divided into various categories, but there 3 important funnels that you need to remember to accomplish the motive of your venture.


The ‘Top of the Funnel’ consists of a purpose of increasing brand awareness and site traffic. The sole purpose of this part of the funnel is to grab attention and leave an impression through information. The content of the funnel has questions, answers, and other concerns of a reader. Therefore, the content should deliver information without expecting any returns. It will help the readers to memorize the name of your brand.


The ‘Middle of the Funnel’ focuses on generating leads and nurturing the business. This part of the funnel serves the purpose of educating and informing people. The main purpose of this stage includes converting site visitors to sales leads.

From the first funnel, people receives some kind of valuable information and this gives them time for lead conversion. This funnel allows nurturing of your prospective customers.


The ‘Bottom of the Funnel’ focuses on the conversion. The main purpose of this funnel includes convincing leads to buy your product or services. The information delivered through BOFU is completely personalized and product-focused.

If done properly, it provides dramatic benefits to a business as it can convert the leads from the second stage to actual customers of your business.

Converting leads to customers is not an easy task. It requires moving people from receiving free information to providing you their hard-earned cash. Therefore, it’s your accountability to make your services valuable to them.

Why Should You Care About Creating A Marketing Funnel?

Approximately 10% of marketing professionals estimate the presentation of their content strategy as “excellent”. More than half of people fail to create content that can do wonder to fetch significant traffic to their business website and increase opportunities for generating quality leads. If you think you are lacking somewhere or you are not getting the website traffic that you deserve, build an effective content marketing funnel that attracts and converts people from different corners of the globe.

One of the best benefits of using the content marketing funnel is that saves you a lot of money that you were earlier spending on paid search. It can boost the efficiency of SEO practices and bring you more constructive results. It leads to more backlinks, indexed pages, and many more reasons for your brand to spread the popularity through word-of-mouth tool. It is like leaving thousands of little breadcrumbs all over the internet and let potential customers come to you. It provides 6x higher returns than any other marketing methods.

Top Characteristics of Effective Content Marketing Funnel:

Once you get familiarized with the characteristics of an efficient funnel, you take a step in the creation of content marketing that would work in your favor. Every stage of the funnel is crucial, and therefore, you should create high-quality content with the rich value of information for each funnel stage. You would require highly constructive and top-performing channels for content distribution. Take some time and search the best platforms to submit the content and increase its reach.

Start creating a rich quality of content that covers all-purpose of your business promotion and look for the best funnel efficiency metrics. Once you succeed in achieving the purpose of one funnel, jump to the next with top tactics. At some point, if you think that the funnel is not working, try finding out the weak points in the current content funnel, gather some more ideas and strategies, and work on strengthening your overall content strategy.

  • The top of the funnel content remains a priority for approximately 95% of marketers around the world.
  • The middle of the funnel is covered by 86% of respondents.
  • 76% of participants preferred bottom-of-the-funnel content.

Based on this survey by SEMrush, it can be said that marketers support their audience by delivering information that they look for. Therefore, the content must serve the purpose of grabbing eyes from potential customers, demonstrating the importance of services, and completing the purpose of content by closing the sales.

In short, a content marketing funnel is the best tactic to draw more opportunities for your business. You can hire an expert company to do this excellent job on your behalf. For effective and affordable content writing services, contact Source Soft Solutions today!

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