Content That Can Instantly Boost Your Local SEO Rankings

Are you looking for ways to improve your rankings in the local search results? For small businesses, local SEO is a powerful tool. And the best way to fuel this tool is to provide local content. Search engines rely heavily on content to provide the most relevant results to the users searching for information for local businesses or services. That means you need high-quality, optimized local content.

Local SEO has become quite competitive as more businesses now understand the importance of optimizing their website for local search rankings. With the number of businesses to be displayed under Google’s Local Pack Listing reduced from seven to three businesses, the competition has become more intense. If not in the Local Pack, businesses are looking to acquire high rankings in the organic listing. According to a recent survey, 33% of people click the Local Pack results and 40% of users click on the organic results. So what can you do to boost your ranking high up in the local search results? Experts from the best local SEO services providers suggest that localized content is a great way to attract customers and influence your organic visibility.

Content that can instantly boost

Everything in SEO is based on your industry keywords. So before you start creating local content, extract top keywords using Ahrefs Content Gap tool. Just paste the name of your competitors in your area, tick the box saying “one target should rank in the top 10,” and hit the Show Keywords button. You will get the top performing local keywords with traffic volume and this is where your ideas for content creation can begin.

Content That Can Instantly Boost Your Local SEO Rankings

Industry-Specific Blogs

Make things happen

Beyond having 100% optimized Google My Business Listing, local businesses need to do more to rise above the competition. We are talking about industry-specific blogs. The best part about creating blogs for your website is that you can write about anything, from technology upgrades, business-specific news, solutions you provide to problems that customers face and how you solve them. Blogs centered on your industry and specific to your area. Topics are endless. Don’t forget to incorporate the top local keywords in your blogs to connect with the World Wide Web. Be at the top of your game by adding statistics and visuals to your blogs. People just love them. And you can make them say “yes” easily. Creating blogs every day or week is not possible for business owners, that’s why they hire a local SEO agency that can help them target the right audience with the right type of content and position them above their competitors.

Specials and Announcements

Special Offer

If you want to drive actions, you have to give people a reason to do that. Special offers are a fantastic way to generate leads and drive some action. Share your specials daily or weekly on your website and social media channels, create a sense of urgency, and encourage people to take advantage of your offers. You can even post your specials on Google My Business listing page because it is free and gets lots of traffic. You can encourage excitement in people by giving them something to look forward to. Tell them about a new product launch, share a picture of your new employee or write stories about your company on the company’s anniversary.

Local Customer Reviews

Local Customer Review

Your happy customers are your best advocates. Customers’ reviews are an important component of your local SEO process. Nearly 78% of people say that they visit an online business after reading positive reviews and, 68% of consumers trust a business if they have many positive reviews. Why not get 5-star reviews for your business from your happy customers. How do you get that? Just ask them! There are a variety of ways for customers to leave reviews for your business. You can provide them your Facebook Page, exact URL of your website’s review section, or ask them to share their experience with people on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or FourSquare.

Local Community Events

Local Events

Local events pack a great content marketing punch. Creating content for community events gives you various benefits – you can show people how active your business is, you can express that you care about your community, and you can connect with your followers on a personal level.

This type of content helps you earn quality links from top websites. So make sure you participate in local events and create content for them to get more backlinks.

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Being a leading provider of the best local SEO services, our experts know how to conduct effective interviews of industry leaders, influencers, and even local people and add value to your marketing efforts. The main purpose of publishing interviews is to educate and entertain your audience. To get the most out of your interviews, you must ask the questions that your customers often ask you. You will see that more people engage with such interviews as they can easily connect with the questions asked. There are different methods of conducting interviews: Email, Phone, Video Call or In-Person. Whatever the method you choose, make sure you respect the words of the person and seek permission before publishing the interview content.

The Best” Things Guide


Piggybacking on your location’s best things is a great way to create user guides for customers. If you own a coffee shop in Seattle, you can write about the city’s popular places to visit or on popular times of the year like “Octoberfest”, “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas.” If you own a restaurant in New York, you can write about the best food and wine pairings people love in NY and the best desserts to try out during the different seasons in NY. People really connect with such content as they have a common link – the city.

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Consumers want to read interesting, engaging, educational, and relevant content that answers their queries and curiosities. That’s why it’s essential that your local SEO-focused content demonstrates your business expertise, reliability, and trustworthiness. If you want better rankings, more visibility, and more traffic from your local area, you need the best of the best local SEO services. Source Soft Solutions can help you get found by local customers with effective and tried-and-tested content marketing tactics. We have the expertise and experts to help you out with blog and article content creation, interviews, how to get more reviews, guides, case studies, whitepaper, eBooks, and more.

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