DXP: The Best Method to Boost Your Business Efficiency

It is very common to find competition and fight for clients in a business. At different times, companies have to employ different strategies and methods to acquire and retain customers. The present era is the era of digital transformation. For this, the Digital Experience Platform is becoming a hot topic. The platform is the most powerful tool to give your business the right direction for growth and success.

Consumers always expect consistent and personalized experience across all touchpoints. For this, companies need real-time data delivery, relevant content, UI improvements, and mobile responsiveness. All these purposes can be accomplished through a special software system – Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

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DXP is widely used as advanced enterprise-level software to organize and optimize user experiences across various channels like websites, mobile apps, and social media. It also functions to collect, process, and analyze data for different business purposes.

What Is a Digital Experience Platform?

It is advanced enterprise-level software to enable the easy transformation of many digital business processes and integrate multi-channel marketing experiences. In general, DXP is a single digital platform that consists of a series of products that fulfill the purpose of providing required business operations. For every customer touchpoint, it manages, designs, and brings end-to-end customer experiences. It collects the data from various systems to manage and enhance entire customer relationships through the company support portal, CRM, company website, etc. It interacts with your business process, technology and customer solution. A DXP is a step ahead of web experience management and content management system across apps, IoT devices, portals, and websites.

DXP integrates search, marketing, e-commerce, analytics, web portals, and operates in a single source contributing to improving digital experience management. However, ideal digital experience platform architecture includes basic as well as custom functions. Here is a glance of features that you receive with the DXP platform:

  • It manages the CMS tuned for the teams through the tools that facilitate collaboration between technical and business users
  • It connects with people and systems with the help of a modern interface. It succeeds in managing stores and sharing enterprise assets on the central system.
  • With the single development platform, it delivers native, responsive, and hybrid mobile experiences
  • It flawlessly automates business processes in order to create forms and workflows.
  • It connects your existing systems together through robust user management support and simplified UI development for excellent presentation experience.

Benefits of Using the Digital Experience Platform:

Digital Business Communication:

The platform allows companies to build fast, trustworthy, and comprehensive digital experiences for their potential customers. It allows people to stay in touch with the business, share their opinions, and get answered. It also allows you to quickly create a website or a business app.

Customization for Customers:

This AI-powered solution is responsible to bring customer loyalty and provide each of your users with an experience tailored only for them. This personalization takes into account every customer action and learns from their pattern so companies can improve customer experience at every touchpoint. It allows businesses to target the right people in the right time in the customer lifecycle.

Developer-Friendly Platform:  

The platform comes with the support for major infrastructure solutions, easy integrations, support for tools in different languages, and compliance with crucial major industry standards. The platform is amongst the developer community.


While using the platform, businesses have a choice to separate functionality or module created by DXP installation. Instead of building a single large application, businesses are now free to create small modules and guarantee that overall performance is not hindered because of any kind of overheads. Through this, the installation becomes more manageable. Not only this, maintenance becomes easier and deployments become faster.

More Business Control:

DXP software solutions are created to integrate with marketing, functions, commerce, and customer support channels along with other solutions and that too in the real-time. The software comprises the flexibility of APIs. The solution can collect all the relevant incoming and stored data so that the right content and experience can be delivered to every customer of the business.

Hook and Plugin Extensions:

Businesses can personalize the product behavior to suit the business needs excluding the need for repeating or rewriting the code from scratch. The hook plugins can be used easily and lead to lesser maintenance and upgrade issues. Hooks may be used as a replacement of plugins to perform custom actions on user login or portal start-up or for modifying the characteristics of the portal.

Wider Tooling Support:

Use build management tools of your choice. The platform supports BND tools, Gulp, Blade, CLI, Maven, Griddle, and many other choices. With all these options, developers can select tools of convenience when starting development. It now supports a big community of professionals. They all are experts in working on different Build tools and help businesses with their needs.


A DXP leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It dramatically analyzes consumer search, browsing, interactions, locations, demographics, and purchasing histories. DXP help customers in making their decisions more precisely.

It can revamp the platform with single app development. Now you have a clear idea about why you should opt for the platform to create a system that makes workflow and business easy-to-handle. So, give your business the platform and stand out of the crowd. Contact Source Soft Solutions to hire dedicated experienced developers to create a highly fruitful and efficient DXP for all of your business needs. Contact us today.

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