A Short Overview on Instant Apps for Android

What is an Instant app?

It is a mini version of your app that can be discovered the moment it is required by users. These apps are fast and lightweight and allow users to open them expeditiously. It is a valuable “app” which is most relevant for the users as it delivers a try-before-you-buy sort of experience to your users.

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With this technology, your users have a chance to engage with your business before committing them for a complete download of the application. The apps are on-demand files with a small size of approximately 10MB. The app can be designed to drive people to transactions like “Buy a coffee now.”

What is Using the Sub-Part of Your Application?

Users only use the app for a particular function that’s the part of the app. They use the app at the moment and then leave it. This quick accessibility of the application is based on a specific set of features of your application. If your app is doing a great job, it will grow your customer base and increase your popularity. This sub-part also gives a peak to some of the great features your app.

What is Downloading the Full Application?

Downloading a full app makes it easier for your target users to access the entire application and all its features. You can catch customers by presenting an option for download at an appropriate time in the app clip. An instant app makes it easy to seamlessly transition users to the full app. This allows users whether they should or shouldn’t download the app.

From placing an order for meals to renting a scooter, users can complete their experience in your app in just a few seconds. You can also convince them to download your full app once they are done with their purpose.

Understanding a User’s Journey With the App Clip:

Let’s understand the benefit of an app clip through an example. Imagine you have a restaurant. Someone is ordering takeout at your restaurant for the first time. As he browses the menu on the restaurant’s website, he taps the “ORDER NOW” banner. A clip downloads in a few seconds and completes his purchase. After that, the instant app gives him the entire information about when the order will be ready. Hours later, he enjoys a delicious meal and recalls the loyalty program given through the link in the clip. At that point, you can convince the user to download your app and register for the loyalty program so he can enjoy ordering meals with your restaurant in the future as well.

How Can a Business Reap Benefit from an Instant App?

App discovery is turning into a hot topic. It is becoming a great way that allows a brand to acquire new users from millions of apps in the App Store. Instant apps expand app discovery beyond the App Store and give companies the ability to discover their app in the exact context.  It is great when it is most valuable in your customer journey.

With similar capabilities on Android and iOS, the business case for adding these features is quite stronger. The clips become discoverable through QR codes, links in messages, place cards in maps, etc.

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

Now that you know what an instant app is and how it can be helpful for your users and business both. Though it provides many benefits, it also comes with some restrictions that should clearly be kept in the mind.

  • Instant apps cannot interact with the installed app unless one of the activities in the installed app should have the attribute of Android. The instant app is built on top of Android app bundles that use a split APK feature. Due to this feature, developers need to alter distribution to the bundles from the conventional APK so they can work with instant apps.
  • The instant app sometimes can present some security issues. The app cannot bill a user or read his contacts unless he allows the same. However, there are some measures in place that ensure users do not need to worry about the most of the parts of the app. The traffic from the app uses HTTPS.
  • Sign in can be handled by Smart Lock and users will be needed to permit the app for the installation process.

How Can Source Soft Solutions Help You in Instant Apps?

We are known in the industry as a reputable Android application development company working on new technologies and horizons. We have created a successful prototype of instant apps for the Android operating system following the app clip design guidelines and development guide.

We can help you in designing and developing highly fruitful app clips. We identify ways to make your Android app a step ahead from your competitors. Feel free to contact us. We will tell you about the great features and functionalities that can drive the maximum benefits of instant apps to your business. Reach us now!

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