10 Significant Website Design Trends and Predictions In 2020

User-friendly and engaging website design makes way for your progress in the business. Excellent designs are an illustration of the quality you offer. Therefore, don’t underestimate its worth. In this blog, we will discuss the latest design trends that you must follow to beat your competitors and stay ahead.

Your website represents your whole business and design plays a significant role in it. Here are a few stats that will surprise you for sure:

  • 45% of visitors will leave your website if it seems unattractive or has unappealing layouts
  • About 50% of people want a web page to load right in 2 seconds otherwise they will leave
  • 7% of possible conversion can be gained with minimum loading time
  • 62% of companies generate business through their highly responsive website designs
  • 40% of users will stop engaging a website if it’s not mobile-friendly or delivers a poor experience

As we move forward in 2020, website design is becoming increasingly important to drive a website’s complicated marketing needs. Since people spend more of their time in surfing, the need for higher digital experience will increase to a great extent. All big organizations would be focusing on having the best website designs to meet the needs of their customers. Best website design services company will follow these trends to accomplish this purpose.

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#Micro Animation for More Interaction:

Micro animation helps users to stay longer and interact positively. The animation adds little playfulness, more attraction, and uniqueness to your site. Though it has also been used by many companies, serious businesses will take benefits of original micro animations. eCommerce companies will likely to leverage the feature more.

#Appealing Web Designs:

Audience will evaluate websites with visually appealing designs. The trend will remain effective for more than a year. Likable and adaptive designs will help you win the game. The entire focus will be on creating mobile-friendly designs as smartphones are used more than laptops or desktops. Bold colors based on the page’s emotions will be one of the biggest web design trends in 2020. An expert website design services company will certainly deliver advantages of this color minimalism feature.

#Eye-Friendly Minimalist Designs:

Flat or minimalist designs (designs with white backgrounds) would be a trend, which is originally associated with traditional website designs. Yes, you read that right! The old drift will be in buzz among various big brands. Professional website design services company will evaluate attention-grabbing designs that add value to the products, make them impressively visible to the users, and increase the experience of Internet users every time they spend time on your website.

#Focus on Image and Data Connection:

In 2020, professional designers will pay huge attention to designing images that interact with the data. Both design and website-data will be used together to showcase a client’s brand in a whole new way. Oversized typography and lettering have vivid benefits, and therefore, it will gain more popularity to set interaction with the image. By doing this, you will be able to grab more of users’ attention towards your brand, services, and purpose.

#Background Video for Obvious Benefits:

Normal is boring and so professional designers will be focusing on advancing designing strategies to make every click count for their clients.  Moving visuals of different forms and formats will attract users. More and more people will leverage the property to add more liveliness to their website designs. This will force users to stay a little longer and search more from the website data or offerings.

#Hidden Navigation to Increase Curiosity:

This will be the main trend to fetch two different benefits – 1) to save a lot of space and 2) to make images look clearer or more attractive. Your website will look more stylish and engaging. The trend will work as a tactic to increase user’s interest in your website and give you more clicks, which ultimately will increase your chances to convert a user into a potential prospect.     

#Chatbot to Complete an Order:

In 2020, both artificial intelligence and website design will interact together to reduce great burden. It’s not always difficult to answer the same questions over and over again and that’s where the role of chatbot will come in light. Chatbot programs will be designed to answer multiple questions. This will respond to users’ queries just like a human does. So, this will help companies to save time, efforts, and currency to a great extent.

#Push Notification to Gain Momentum:

This feature has benefited many website owners this year too and therefore website designs companies will be seen working more on this feature. It will help websites gain more momentum and notify prospects when they have something new to share. This way, you would be able to maintain and also increase the number of users. Reaching the target audience will become quite easier; however, don’t forget to pay attention to the main activity and core interest of your prospects.

#More Responsive Thumb Mobile-Friendly Navigation:

Don’t get confused with the word navigation as we have already discussed it. We are talking about making mobile-friendliness more advanced. In 2020, expert website designers will focus on more thumb navigation. No matter where a user puts thumb to function a page, it will work more responsively regardless of the actual position or stretching of the page. Your website will become easier to reach to improve user experience.

#Real Design Element for a Superfine Website:

The designers will greatly focus on depth and design elements that make the website to have more tactical feelings. This trend will get your closer to virtual reality and its shreds of evidences. With this feature, users can seemingly reach out and touch your purpose. From 3D look to moving to the shapes, the designs will do everything to allure the users and also to sustain their interest for a long time.

These are a few main website design trends make a noise in 2020. If you want to give your business the power of these latest transformations, you should definitely contact Source Soft Solutions – a reliable and eminent website design services company. At Source Soft, we have brilliant website designers to work on different projects impeccably. No matter, you want to design or re-design your website, will provide you the best-in-industry designing services that meet your business needs.

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