Top Mobile App Development Trends 2020

In this highly competitive era, running an online business comes up with huge challenges. Increasing trends, ever-changing demands of customers, the emergence of the latest technology, and various other factors are the reasons that determine the success of a business. If you are thinking to create a mobile app for your business, let’s take a look at the features you should consider. This will help simplify your journey from creating an idea to launching the app.

Over the past few years, we all have seen noteworthy progress in mobile app development. If we talk about app revenue, it is expected to be around $188.9 billion in 2020. According to experts, more companies and businesses will embrace mobile app development services to reap huge benefits.

Well, the properties of mobile apps are not just limited to fast loading, great designs, simple navigation, personalization, seamless connection, digital wallets, and connectivity with social networks. It is more than that. The world of mobile app design and development is ever-changing and will remain a hot thing of discussion among the users for years to come.

Top Mobile App Development Trends

Following new techniques will help your developer to create a value-adding, feature-rich, robust, highly functional, and modern app for your business. It will offer excellent convenience and great productivity if observed from a business perspective. Here, we have listed the latest buzzwords of the mobile app design and development world.

1. Beacon Technology

The technology has become very popular among the app owners who want to broaden their reach and increase the targeted audience. It is mainly a Bluetooth-low-level wireless technology that notifies the owners about the exact customer locations from the mortar-and-brick store.

For a better understanding of the technology, let’s discuss it with an example. Suppose someone has downloaded a retail mobile application of a particular brand name. Whenever the person walks near the store, beacon technology will detect and notify the user about the promoting products and discounts. This will help the brand to entice customers with customized offers and easy shopping experience

2. Wearable App for Accessorizing

This technology is bringing abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for an investment in mobile app technology. Wearable are the devices that are connected with an Internet connection and exchange the data between the device and the network.

You might have heard about some apps used for energy tracking, security alerts, fitness monitoring, and payment processing, and gaming. All these apps are wearable apps that are increasingly becoming part of our everyday life. An application consisting of this technology can ensure the huge success of your business.

Mobile app development companies like Source Soft Solutions are working sincerely to develop such kinds of wearable app that provide an experience quite similar to a mobile application on a technological device.

3. Voice Search Technology

In this high-tech world, many people have become very impatient that they hate to waste their time while typing anything. That’s the reason Google launched voice search technology to help people to get closer to the technology. From ordering food to finding information, everything has become a matter of voice.

If you want to entice a huge portion of your customers, you must evaluate the voice search revolution and become a part of this. However, getting a voice-command rich app is not at all easy. Both designers and developers have to face several roadblocks.

To do the job in the best manner, it is important to hire an expert mobile app design and development services provider who can take full responsibility to develop a technology-rich app.

4. Use of Artificial Intelligence

In this digitized era, everyone wants an instant solution for any issue. In that case, increasing your availability becomes the main concern to satisfy the demands of your users. Artificial Intelligence can help you here to assist your customers with 24*7 services. It offers them great peace of mind and you receive a prospect in return. This is how technology advances your chances of conversion.

An expert app design and development company understands the value of an AI-added mobile app and create an app with chat bots that understand many language semantics, slang words, phrases, emotions, text structure, and then respond accordingly. We can help you to integrate the perfect set of AI tools in your appto empower your brand and create a unique brand identity for your business.

5. Less Use of Coding Rule

According to Steve Jobs, ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. It is how it works’. The application should have less coding in UI design. Here, you have to consider things that help to enhance the UX design of the app. An application designed with less coding works faster and remains compatible with 5G and 4G networks both. It improves connectivity, improves data transfer speed, and latency.

Besides, dark themed apps are hot selling as they save battery power and provide great relief to the eyes of the users. So, say yes to the dark theme of the application. Use full-screen flat navigation, button less designs, micro-interactions, animations, and AR and VR technologies to develop an efficacious business app.

6. Leverage of the Power of 5G

Soon the experience of using a mobile application will be shifted to 5G from 4G. It will offer you more advantages and fewer pitfalls. This would be done to harness the power of 5G. It will offer users better gaming experience, a high percentage of decrease in end-to-end latency, redefined multiplayer, cloud-based gaming, fewer connectivity issues, faster downloading, richer user experience, and unbeatable interfaces. You have to develop an app that is faster, easy-to-update, secure, more functional, and enhance productivity at significantly less cost. Mobile app design and developer services providers like Source Soft Solutions work with highly efficient developers who will develop an app that removes the worry about limiting storage capacity, better functional efficiency, eliminating data loss, or other kinds of security breaches.


Having a robust mobile app is like having a robust business. Only experienced and talented app design and development companies can help you accomplish your dream through a highly capable mobile app. At Source Soft Solutions, we provide scalable solutions for start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. Our involvement in different processes like Android app, iOS app, Windows app, PhoneGap app, and React Native app development services allow our clients to make us the one-stop solution for their needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

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