Tools That Make ASP.NET the Best Framework for Web App Development

ASP.NET is a great open-source web framework that can be used to create dynamic web pages. Developed by Microsoft, this open-source framework allows developers and programmers to develop robust and enterprise-level applications. ASP.NET has always been famous for modern apps and services that allow developers to use highly scalable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for website development. Programmers can also write code that support related .NET language. The high-performance, cutting-edge functionality, cross-platform, and open-source framework features of ASP.NET allow developers to build cloud-based web apps. These exclusive attributes have increased the demand of DOT NET developers. Clients hire dedicated ASP.NET developers who can leverage the power of advanced features of the technology to create a highly robust web app. Here is a glimpse of the advantages that come with the development of a web app or application using ASP.NET. Take a look-

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  • Open-source and community-centric framework
  • Unified solution to develop robust web UI and web APIs
  • Razor Pages for coding page-focused scenarios
  • A framework to run on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Integration of modern, client-side frameworks
  • Environment-based configuration system
  • Built-in dependency injection
  • Lightweight, high-performance, and modular solution
  • App versioning while working on .NET Core
  • Simplify modern web development

Here’s the List of Advanced ASP.NET Tools for Developers:

Web Platform Installer:

Though this tool is free, it makes very convenient for developers to install, download, and stay updated with all the latest components on the Microsoft Web Platform that include .NET Framework, Visual Studio, and SQL Server Express. It offers a defined installation workflow to install open source apps and technologies for the web platform. The built-in windows web application gallery makes it easy to run the most popular free web apps for content management, blogging, and other purposes as well.


It was initially free. It solely intended for the Microsoft platform development. Its popularity has made NuGet to evolve into a comprehensive ecosystem of services and tools. The tools allow developers to consume the entire package. It also outlines how these packages are produced, expended, and hosted. NuGet also provides tools for all these roles.

Visual Studio Extension:

It is one of the best tools that allow developers to simplify their roles by extending the visual studio. Therefore it opens up inventory for various prominent technologies like JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML, CSS, and LESS along with various other useful features.


This special tool is designed and developed for the Windows NT platform. It is generally a machine-level software package manager. This execution engine helps to use NuGet packaging infrastructure and the Windows PowerShell to install the software in the Windows machine. It aims to simplify the process for the user and enhance his overall experience.


It allows testing LINQ queries or a kind of C#F# or Visual Basic Program. As a versatile platform for instant feedback and prototyping, LINQPad enables exclusive built-in features. It brings an end to the clutter source code folder in another popular tool known as Visual Studio Console. The tool is the best solution for experimenting with LINQ and testing code snippets.


NDepend is a Visual Studio extension primarily utilized for static code examination. NDepend is particularly valuable to the extent of the advancement of code. It remains the main concern to maintain quality. Moreover, the instrument gives a custom questioning language to looking at the application’s coupling and breaking down how proficiently affirm to norms.


Fundamentally, SQLComplete is an efficient tool that improves SQL Server Management Studio by including helpful highlights, for example, tab shading, content age, route, and so forth. This totally adaptable device improves the code quality and rearranges the way toward making SQL inquiries with context-based code fulfillment, code fruition for CTE, managing false names, suggestions of articles, code featuring and more. Clients hire dedicated Dot NET application programmers who are efficient in handling the development tasks through this advanced tool.

Oracle Virtualbox:

It is among the most famous virtual machines. This makes it very simple to connect an ISO to introduce Windows Server or Ubuntu or any such OS you need to. You can discover a site called; it offers free pictures for VirtualBox with each OS from Windows XP to Windows 10 with every single mainstream rendition of various programs.

Nimble Text:

It is known as an amazing manipulation and code generation tool to be used for creating a web app. It is available easily and one can download it for free. This efficient tool expands developers’ ability to carry out feats of texts and data wrangling.


Fiddler is an essential tool used for viewing and diagnosing HTTP requests on a machine. Developers can turn on SSL decryption as well as previously-unknown HTTPS requests decrypted. It allows you to view incoming and outgoing HTTP requests in real-time. As a proxy, the tool can be used to send a device’s HTTP requests through it for the purpose of testing devices within a network. It diagnoses and fixes more problems with HTTP services compared to any other tool. Replaying captured HTTP requests with its inbuilt Composer system can be done. Again, to make the most of this tool, one needs to hire the best ASP.NET programmers to work proficiently and dedicatedly.

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