The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO in 2020

When you concentrate more on local customers to search your services and visit your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we call it Local SEO. Local SEO helps in generating more local leads to boost online growth.

SEO is the practice of increasing organic search rankings globally. Depending on the nature of your business, you have to decide whether it needs to be marketed for the global market or a local area using Search Engine Optimization.

Local SEO Services

The following data will help you understand the search statistics and why to opt for local SEO marketing services:

Local Search Conversion: You will be surprised to know that approx. 80% of local searches result in conversions. To convert more of the local searches, you must have a local SEO strategy to follow.

Google searches for local businesses: More than 40% of searches made on Google are for local businesses. And this is pretty a big number to gain the customers.

Google My Business Listings: A survey says more than 50% percent of retailers have not claimed for their Google My Business Listings. Missing this Google resource means you are missing one important local SEO feature.

Near Me” phrase: Sudden increase in the use of “near me” search phrase over the past few years has forced local businesses to opt for a local SEO strategy so that local customers near you can find your business.

Voice searches: The increase in voice searches with the number of approx. 55% makes it a key strategy that should be followed by your SEO team.

Local searchers visit: It is found that more than 70% of local searchers make the visit on the same day.

Reviews: Around 90% of customers make their minds for purchasing a product or using a service from a business with positive reviews.

Local SEO gives the fastest results when applied strategically as 97% of customers check for the company’s presence online before visiting the store, clinic, or restaurant.

For being the part of the top 3 search listings has its own significances. When a local search is made, the top 3 listings are displayed in a box on the google search result page. This box is called the Google Snack Pack. Depending on how efficiently the strategies are made for local SEO, you can make a place in the top 3 listings on local search engine result pages. The members of this Google Snack Pack always get the maximum hits/clicks.

If you are thinking about how to position your website in the top search results, you need to know about the Organic Search Results first. Organic Search Results are the listings of web pages that come depending on relevance when a search on Google (or other search engines) is made by the user. Businesses hire experienced SEO professionals to apply the top strategies to get the maximum of these Organic Search Results and grab a top rank in web listings.

There are a few steps that should be followed if you want to master local SEO:

1. Optimize Home Page and Meta Data

Being the most important part of a website, the ‘Home Page’ should be extremely attractive. Your homepage should share the exact mission and goal of the website. It should be understandable to viewers how the website addresses their requirements.

Metadata is the first description that appears on Search Engine Result Pages about the website below the title of the page. Customize your metadata in the way that it contains the most relevant details about the website. The meta description should not be longer than 160 characters.

2. Use Local Schema

Schema mark-ups add machine-readable information to the web pages. And local schema is the detail which tells about the name, type, locations, reviews, logo, image, etc. about your business. The use of local schema will help you to gain a higher ranking in SERPs.

{Here are some more tips to increase your site’ local rankings instantly.}

3. Claim All Your Online Profiles

What is the benefit of holding a luxury office at some prime location of your city if customers still couldn’t find you? The presence of your organizational profiles on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and other social media platforms helps the customers to get information about you as 97% of people search online for local businesses. Sharing the updated information about products/services and reviews can help you build confidence in customers to make a visit to your business.

4. Create Local Content

If you create the titles and meta descriptions using local keywords, then it will effectively narrow the competition and help you focus on the target audience. Write blogs and content keeping the interests or needs of the local customers.

5. Improve Internal Linking

Internal links are hyperlinks that link one web page to another on your site. Link building on your website builds more confidence in customers as they find you more reliable if they get some supporting information or links while visiting your website. Internal linking increase ranking potential for your web pages.

6. Build Citations

The web links of your website when posted on external web pages, this is we call it Citations. When people find the links of your website on other’s web pages, this generates a trust factor among the viewers. Citations on well-known websites reinforce your weightage in the market.

7. Get More Reviews from Real Customers

You can find a higher ranking in the SERPs if you have a large number of positive reviews from real customers. Google focuses more on web pages with more reviews.

Collecting reviews from customers is not a big deal as it seems. As per the data from a recent survey, more than 30% of customers only leave negative reviews, but it is also true that 70% of customers will write a review for your product if they are asked for. You just have to connect with the users through calls, messages, or mails.

Maybe now you have understood the above strategies and their significances. If you still don’t recognize the efficient ways to get the best outcomes, then you need expert advice and professional expertise to get the most favorable results from local SEO. You should let your marketing part to be handed over to some specialists from a local SEO marketing company.

The professional SEO experts at Source Soft Solutions can help you release the extra marketing burden. Our local SEO marketing services can help your business claim the top local SERPs and attract local customers.


It is really disappointing when you put your efforts to build a product/service for the users but don’t get the expected response. Being a business owner, this is your responsibility to reach users through all the possible ways and share the necessary information about your products/services. You should not miss the trends and requirements of advertising in the current market.

To know the deeps and shallows about the local SEO marketing services, contact our marketing team today!


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