Important Tactics eCommerce Retailers Should Follow During COVID-19

Living in this bad phase of COVID-19 is nothing less than living the nightmare of your life. The pandemic has badly impacted millions of lives across the globe. It has made huge destruction putting a strain on businesses and organizations that people are dependent on for various needs such as food & grocery, medicine, cleaning, and other essential accessories. Shoppers have decided to remain sheltered and secured in their own homes to stay away from human contact and maintain needed social distancing.

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So, in this bad phase of self-disconnection, technology has stood up to set a balance between the demands and supply to create a digital-first environment. Running a successful online retail store is important for your business to get over the harms of this outbreak.

Businesses with their online presence have empowered supermarket to accomplish huge demands of their customers. If you are into eCommerce retail business wanting to do both – reaching out to the customers and maintaining your safety, here is what tactics you should follow. They will help you to survive stress-freely during these hard times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Make Sure That the Application Runs Well:

In a highly competitive market, when various other retailers are readily available to grab the attention of customers, you need to be very mindful while fulfilling your commitments. Keeping an eye on the health of your application is important in the scenario as it is the main source to bring consumer loyalty.

More than 60% of customers are concerned about the privacy of online transactions. So, make sure your app is secure to conduct personal data sensitive transactions. Your eCommerce store should provide secure and easy in-app payments, user-friendly product filtering, product gallery, shopping cart, and personalized product recommendations. These features will allow them to feel more engaged and satisfied. Address the issues and get them fixed to influence your end-customers.

Increase Your Availability to Offer Support:

This is the time when you should display more support to your customers to build a healthy relationship for online selling success. Make sure that you are always available to contact them instantly and fulfill their needs through all modes like live chat, call, social media, etc. to offer incredible convenient solutions. Put more efforts into their preferred support method, answer their concerns more precisely, and wish them to visit you again in the future.

Deliver Real-Time Shopping Experience:

In the 21st century, customers are too impatient to wait for anything. Besides, you have various competitors to drive your customers crazy for the same services. If you lose on delivering real-time experience and information, you will not be able to pinpoint where your customers are coming from. Research studies have shown that customers prefer online stores that guide them in their purchase decisions. Utilize AI and Machine Learning algorithms to customize every eCommerce experience for your individual customers.

If you do not convey a top-notch experience, the effect will be more than significant. Access to advanced technologies is a precious asset in the everyday lives of purchasers. It is the fundamental rule to keep clients happy and engaging with your offerings.

Recognize the Shift in Consumer Behavior:

A high percentage of people are now buying online. Consumers who previously used to shop online occasionally are now purchasing products from eCommerce stores frequently and will continue to do so after the pandemic. If they have a good experience purchasing at your online store, they will feel confident in buying products from your website or app in the future. Recognize the shift in consumer product demands. As more and more people are working from home or staying at home, they need groceries, entertainment products, food, medical supplies, work from home accessories, electronic equipment, and more such things. Your online store should stock these products to cater to the needs of today’s consumers.

How Magento eCommerce Will Help You?

If you want to switch to advanced technology for your online store or want to set up your retail services, you should select the best-in-market platform to ramp up the growth of your business. Go with Magento – the top player in the competition of content management system and hire Magento application developers to create a highly advanced Magento eCommerce store for your business. The store will be the overall representation of your business. The technology will help you to manage your digital commerce investment for long-term success even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advanced Magento with powerful AI technology can deliver a relevant experience to all shoppers. This can help you to drive your business growth efficiently. It comes with efficient and engaging content. Available with a wide range of templates, the CMS allows you to create content and layout in less time and with fewer resources. Build additional localized sites without creating all content pages. It gets you a faster and simpler onboarding process. Hire a certified Magento developer to build a powerful store.


You need to contact a reputable eCommerce development company to implement unbeatable solutions to your online store. Contact Source Soft Solutions and hire dedicated Magento programmers who have extensive years of expertise in building a business-friendly online retail store packed with advanced technology, attributes, and functionalities. We do everything that bolsters your image among the intended audience.

We incorporate the best industry practices as well as the latest technologies to create a scalable business solution for your retail business. Over the years, we have embedded diverse technologies to offer our global clients the best services and unmatched experience. Contact us to hire dedicated Magento developers. It will be our privilege to have any question from you. Feel free to reach us anytime, anywhere.


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