How to Win at SEO in the Age of Machine Learning

In the recent past, we have been hearing a lot about machine learning, but do we really know what is machine learning? And how it can change the organic search results? What role will it play in the near future? If you’re still not sure how machine learning is affecting the way SEO is done today, below is given a detailed guide for beginners.

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Understanding machine learning

Machine learning is a sub-category of Artificial Intelligence that features algorithms which give the computers the ability to learn and improve experiences. It basically focuses on the development of software programs that can make the devices learn and predict using data.

How machine learning is affecting search results?

Nowadays, Google and other search engines are using machine learning to understand user search behavior. This, in turn, allows it to provide better results to end users to meet their expectations. Always ensure that your website has quality content so as to provide positive user experience to visitors, else you might face tough time trying to rank higher in the search engines as the machines are becoming smarter day by day with machine learning algorithms.

How machine learning will change the role of SEO professionals?

The SEO professionals need to ensure that the content is unique, interesting and relevant for the targeted audience. Search engines are a platform that help potential users to find your website. Hence, it is necessary to develop content as per customer interest and their journey.

The role of SEO pros will undergo change from being a marketer to a content analyst. As a leading company providing top rated SEO consulting services, we offer our clients content development, digital marketing and optimization services across many industry verticals. Along with a strong content development strategy, social marketing is also important. It is essential to include social interaction and social listening into your marketing strategy in this age of machine learning.

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Machine Learning & Link Building – Google crawls your website by following links and then create an index from the found pages. To determine the most relevant results for a search query, Google uses algorithms, both machine learning and human code. The machine learning helps Google detect the sites with spam links and evaluate them, thereby giving them low ranks in SERPs. Machine learning also helps you with content quality and relevancy of the page. Therefore, the need of the hour us to increase focus on building quality backlinks, writing relevant content that earns links and traffic, and using white hat SEO techniques to rank higher on search engines.

Machine Learning & SEO Content – It’s no secret that the main focus of Google is the users. Machine learning algorithms have the capability to accomplish an efficiency in understanding language in 24 hours than humans. With time, the main emphasis would be to create the best content which satisfies the user intention and preferences.

In the coming time, SEO content will not focus in keyword usage, rather on formulating how to satisfy the users. In literal terms, think less about fulfilling SEO rules and more about delighting targeted audience.

Machine Learning & Content User Experience – The most vital thing to be taken care of while creating content for your website and marketing purposes is that it should provide great user experience (UX). The new world of machine learning-based SEO marketing clearly states that your website/blog/article information must fulfill user intent. If your visitor finds it difficult to understand your content, it will be reflected in your ranking. Google is using machine learning tools to collect data about content in the context of UX to rank sites accordingly.


From the above-stated information, we have an in depth information about the increasing capability of machine learning and Google in understanding the world around us, our own personal needs and wants. It also defines what and how we can initiate the next step. SEO is a long-term process, and is changing and continuously evolving. So, website owners and SEO professionals must incorporate evolving techniques in their strategy while working towards the long-term goal.

Machines learning will enable you to understand what are the needs of your visitors and what they are looking for so that you can determine different ways to provide it. The team at Source Soft Solutions – the top-rated SEO consulting services provider – will prepare a smart SEO strategy for your business, apply our proven SEO tactics and make sure to provide relevant, unique and interesting content to satisfy the needs of your targeted audience.

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