Grow Your Online Business in 2019 with These Web Strategies

In the present digital landscape, business growth tactics are constantly evolving. Similarly, in the web development world, developers have to deal with various new technologies and several numbers of initiatives. Therefore, it is vital to formulate a strong web app development strategy to grow your business in this competitive era.

Source Soft Solutions is the leading web application development company that uses some powerful web strategies to take your business to next level and reach optimum heights. The perfect blend of advanced technologies, proven methodologies and creative experts help us to provide custom web application development services that facilitate business transformation.

Below are enlisted the strategies that can help grow your business online in 2019 and overcome today’s fierce competition.

Grow your business online

Mobile-Friendly Websites

As per the recent stats, today’s mobile applications account for 89% of media time and 11% is spent on individual websites. Therefore, you need to make a smart move for your business by planning and implementing a mobile-friendly website. You have to make sure that the website developed is suitable for all types of mobile interfaces. Design Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) separately for mobile users as AMP makes your website load really faster and provides a smoother experience to the customers.

For UX, Use RAIL Strategy

For excellent user experience, developers must integrate RAIL strategy. The acronym RAIL stands for Response, Animation, Inactivity, and Load. The web designers at Source Soft Solutions are RAIL focused as it helps them to design an intuitive interface and easy to navigate site for the target audience. RAIL strategy converts the UX into important actions such as touch, scroll, drag and like for users. RAIL is also one of the good contributing factors that help you keep track of the performance of your website.

For Interactive UI, Use Chatbots

For the conversation user interface, chatbots are reigning the digital landscape. These intelligent, automatic response functions help your business interact with the customers in real time. A chatbot will act like your virtual assistant which can resolve customer queries in real-time and also help them choose and buy products. Incorporate one in your website to build a loyal customer base and boost user experience.

Use Motion UI

Motion User Interface (UI) is a SaaS library that is used to create customized CSS transitions and animations. In simple terms, motion UI is a front end framework used for building fully responsive web designs with motion in a native app setting. Motion UI library contains pre-made effects such as sliding, fading, scaling, and spinning and more, and it also has transition components which can be applied to menus, modals, and overlays. Ultimately the website thus created with motion UI looks appealing and attractive to the users.

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Minimalism in Web Designs

To make the website look aesthetically appealing to the users, use a balanced approach to using white space and vibrant colors. Effectively use colors to capture user attention. That is exactly what matters the most. Adopt minimalism in UI design. Minimalistic design features simplicity, clarity, functionality, typography and expressive visual elements. Our web developers adopt a minimalist approach in designing and developing websites to create user-friendly interfaces for our clients.
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The aforementioned web strategies when implemented properly will surely take your business to the next level. If you’re planning to grow your business this year, look for a dedicated custom web application development company to implement these web development strategies and help you earn a higher return on investment. Source Soft Solutions – the renowned web application development companyis here to help you with all your web development needs. Contact us today at +1 (609) 945-4955.

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