5 Web Design Mistakes That Affect Your SEO Results

A fantastic design, an enhanced user experience, high quality search engine optimization are the three things that play a significant role when it comes to creating a website.  The answer is to use a creative and elaborate design with enticing imagery and eye opening themes to make the website look appealing. But at the same time, keep in mind that websites should always be built both for the users as well as the search engines.

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This is because, to be able to navigate and experience your amazing website, the users should be able to find it. Unfortunately, more designers tend to make common mistakes that affect your SEO efforts in an adversely negative way. This is where Source Soft Solutions steps in. We are a leading UX / UI design company that specializes in delivering visually compelling and functional designs globally while taking into consideration the important SEO factors such as response times, mobile user experience and conversion rate optimization. Our main aim is to deliver creative UI/ UX design services that enhance user experience and increase brand value

Below are mentioned that most common web design mistakes which need to be avoided at all costs in order to ensure optimal SEO results.

MISSING H1 TAGS – H1 tags also known as “heading 1 tag” are the most significant aspect of SEO efforts while designing a website. This is because search engine crawlers that scan your website to rank it and compare it with other websites use H1 tags to know which page they are crawling and what is it all about. To get the quality results of your SEO efforts, the H1 tag should contain the targeted keyword that you are attempting to rank on the Search Engine. A focused keyword when included both in the H1 as well as the metadata within in the content in a natural way yields good results.

INACCESSIBLE CONTENT – Nothing is more frustrating for the customer than to find that your content is not mobile device optimized. This is the mobile age, where people want everything accessible just at the tap of the fingertips. A good rule is – give your mobile visitors the accessibility to the same high value content that is visible on the desktop version of your site. As Google has made a shift to mobile first indexing, it is somewhere difficult to achieve the best SEO results on mobile search. Therefore have one single version of your website, but it should be fully optimized.

LACK OF BREADCRUMBS – The breadcrumb trail matrix if perfectly constructed is sure to increase your site’s search engine performance. These text links not only provides a transparent hierarchical navigation structure but can also be easily read by the search engines. Our team of designers always makes sure to include breadcrumbs for they noticeably increase the user friendliness of a website.

IMPROPER 404 ERROR PAGE – A tailor made 404 error page is always a good way of adding a bit of humor within your website. At the same time, this creativity might lead to the neglect of many other important factors such as the link to return to the website. This will not only enhance the user experience but will also complement the overall SEO value. Else, the search engine will determine that your website has broken internal links and this will hamper the quality of your website and their rankings.

MISSING CALL TO ACTION – No clear Call to Action means you’re missing out on conversions. At Source Soft Solutions, we make sure to add CTA buttons on every page of your website. Sometimes, we also make use of sidebar on pages and posts to ask for signups or offer the live chat option. To know in depth how and when users are converting, we set CTA action buttons up as goals in your Google Analytics. The data derived can be used to get a clear understanding of how users are interacting with your website and why or why not they are getting converted.

In general, the root cause of all the aforementioned mistakes is the missing of the essential SEO factors upon the completion of the website’s design. Proper SEO web design is essential for any business to attract customers from all connected devices and assist your organic search efforts. We at Source Soft Solutions can provide you with compelling UI/UX design services for all your website needs. We are a trustworthy UI/UX design company who can provide you assistance from website redesign to creating a brand new website.


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