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The sudden growth of digital marketing has taken the business world by storm. People have seen digital marketing impacting their world, and therefore, it is not the unprecedented growth that some people can think. Implications of this transformation are incredibly far-reaching as well as all-encompassing. Digital marketing has revolutionized the way of businesses advertise their brand. It is miraculously different than conventional marketing. YouTube is undeniably a great social media channel that enhances the value of the entire digital marketing story. If your business is not on YouTube, you are missing a major aid for success. The channel makes the most money, time, energy, and resources that people put to achieve the best results from their online presence.

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Google, one of the most renowned search engines, is performing tests to display organic results of the various web pages in the segment of YouTube search results. Yes, you read that right! World’s famous search engine Google is planning to display the website URLs in the search results of the famous social media channel – YouTube. A Reddit user witnessed this change and shared the screenshot with other users. However, there is no confirmation of whether this technique will go in the long-term. If it happens, it is going to benefit businesses from across the world as the websites will get eye-balls from YouTube users with the intention of increasing traffic, conversion, and return on investment. In this blog-post, we will be covering various crucial elements related to this news. Take a look.

How will Google’s Hyperlinking of URLs with YouTube Work?

The single web page results shown by YouTube would break up into different results that are otherwise full of various video suggestions. A user visiting the social media channel will have different types of results in a single place: One from Google and others from YouTube. Therefore, he can either visit the result displayed by YouTube or he can click the link to conduct a search through Google for more precise information. Google will do this to assist its users and deliver more meaningful searches.

For this new change, people have different opinions. Some people are finding it very meaningful to reach the best results while others are showing some sort of disagreement. The majority of internet users will be able to conduct useful search flawlessly. However, digital marketing companies will see this as an opportunity to combine their efforts of search engine optimization and social media optimization. The test is not widely rolled out yet.

How Will the Results of YouTube be Affected?

Video has become an integral part of the Internet activities of users. There is no other site that hosts more videos than YouTube. It is the only channel to boast more than 3 billion videos every day making itself an exciting place for marketers to find consumers. Simply, it gives your business an exposure to a huge audience. YouTube acquires qualified traffic that increases opportunities for your business to enlarge its customer base. So, if you have been previously working for YouTube marketing, this latest update will give you many more benefits.

Videos have always shown a higher conversion rate as these are 12 times more likely to touch  the emotion of users and fetch precise purposes. You can use the platform in several ways to repurpose videos. The change will encourage people to take instant and informed action. That’s how the results of YouTube after this update will gain a bit of a change.

How Can This Change Help You?

The update can help your business to make a way to succeed. You can still get noticed by millions of video viewers because approximately 80% of people browse YouTube to watch their favorite videos. It gets you closer to a more refined audience you want to do business with. So, Google results could be powerful but together the results of Google and YouTube are better to make your business visible to a wider audience. This strategy could be a better way to grow without compromising with results.

It will also help your business in the long run. If your website is on the top search engine result pages, it may be shown in YouTube searches. Hence, your chances of reaching potential customers will dramatically increase. It will offer your business recognition and simplify the entire search process for your target customers.

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