Not Digital Marketing, It’s Time For Real-Time Marketing!

Not Digital Marketing, It’s Time For Real-Time Marketing!

Do you know the word “real-time” has been mentioned for 391K times on social media sites in the month of April 2015? This clearly indicates that real-time data has gained tremendous value in the evolving landscape of digital marketing. Digital marketers are embracing real-time marketing to engage with more customers and increase conversion rates. But, what actually is real-time marketing?

Real-Time Marketing -

Some marketers believe that real-time marketing (RTM) requires greater efforts as you need to constantly monitor upcoming events, breaking news and other real-time information to create a message for grabbing an instantaneous opportunity. RTM is actually a flexible marketing activity in which you changes the actions on your website and social sites based on the changes in the consumer behavior, external news and other relevant trends. A strict fixed marketing strategy is not going to work anymore.

Some real-time marketing activities include:

  • Social media engagement based on customer responses
  • Promotion of live events
  • Location-based deals
  • Triggered emails when users take a specific action
  • Joining customer conversations by giving meaningful insights

In short, your RTM mantra should be – Get Real-Time, Get Ahead…

  • Businesses can capitalize on real-time marketing within two minutes or less of the current news or event, otherwise, delay can cause loss of interest among customers.
  • RTM should be automated and targeted so that every marketing ad or promo reaches to individual customer in a timely manner.

The best way to do real-time marketing to drive sales or generate buzz is to use “Newsjacking.” Inject your ideas into a breaking news story and enter customer conversations to better utilize digital marketing platforms. So, don’t use digital marketing now, but utilize real-time marketing activities for creating brand awareness and generate engagement.

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