A Brief Understanding of Do’s and Don’ts on Magento Development

Undoubtedly Magento is one of the best open-source platforms that is used by millions of Commerce businesses; however, it cannot be considered a surefire way to the success of any venture. There are some factors that you need to consider for making the most of Magneto’s functionalities, features, and benefits.

Magento is one of the best open-source eCommerce platforms to be used extensively in the eCommerce system network. About 100,000 stores have been created on the platform worldwide. According to a recent survey, Magento has been downloaded approximately 2.5 million times and $155 billion worth of goods have been sold by using Magento stores in 2019. As per Alexa, Magento is used by 26% of the top websites across the globe.

Magento Development Sevices

These facts are enough to ensure that you have made the right choice of open-source for your business; however, the selection of Magento alone cannot become a success legend. A Magento store developed by a Magento website development company cannot set a benchmark of extraordinary sales, leads, and return on investment. Choosing the right eCommerce platform isn’t enough for your success, there are several other things that you need to consider while developing an online store. Here, the blog-post enlists top do’s and dont’s you should keep in mind while developing a Magento store.

Things You Should Do

#Choose Professional Web Design: This PHP based open-source platform allows developers to make use of the MVC paradigm so they can offer extensive choices of templates that serve different purposes. All these themes let you do a great level of customization through the admin panel. It shows that Magento gives more than enough opportunities to pick the best graphic design, multimedia content integration, content layout design, and much more to create a fully functional and professional portal to deliver the right branding message to the target audience.

#Launch Mobile-First Online Shop: Mobile commerce is the default system that people use. Surprising but true that 52% of total eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices. A  Magento website with multi-device methodology and responsive designs do wonders for your venture. It is easy-to-upgrade and comprises of one digital marketing strategy for all components like SEO, SMO, and paid marketing. A mobile-ready shop increases customer-experience, gets your business accessible on the fingertips, collects huge traffic, and brings the highest number of potential customers.

#Use Customized Shopping Cart Page: If your services have convinced your customers to go to the shopping cart page, you have done half of your work. Now, it’s your prime concern to let customers be focused on the website and complete the payment process as soon as possible. Encourage them to click ‘Continue to Checkout’ to finalize the transactions with you. Make sure that you use the right combination of color, fonts, size, theme, and every aspect to make the ‘Shopping Cart’ page look interesting so you can receive the order to proceed. Also, make sure that your website does not have long checkout processes to annoy customers. Every 3 in 7 customers leave online shopping websites due to annoying checkout. So, avoid this cause of cart abandonment.

#Make Sure SEO Is Built In The Structure: Search Engine Optimization gets your business into power, fetches more visibility, accelerates your growth, and does so much more. There’s a great importance of the marketing process for your business. Make sure that your platform has offerings of all SEO extensions which include ReloadSEO, Magento SEO Suite Pro extension v9.5.2, Ultimate SEO Suite, SEOSpace Ultimate Magento, MSemantic SEO, and many others. The use of one of the best extensions will turn your SEO campaign into an extremely profitable business. Use original content to exemplify your products in front of your customers.

Things You Should Not  

#Don’t Complicate Their Online Shopping: In this fast-paced world, no one wants to indulge in a complicated process that swallows their time. You would need to make sure that the website doesn’t have a complicated navigation process which lessens customer interest and kill the opportunities. Easy navigation is the key to enhanced customer experience. If your online shop doesn’t have the right categorization for the products or goods, this may not help you deliver the right purpose.

#Don’t Make Your Customer Wait: Customers don’t want to wait. They are impatient and want the webpage to load in a second only. If your website lacks performance and speed, chances of your website’s bounce rate will be higher for sure. With the best magneto website development company, you do not need to experience this problem. Every page must be as fast as possible including the checkout page too. This will help your customers to have an amazing experience and stay connected with you. They would visit your store more often.

#Don’t Disable Feedback And Comment Section: Customers want to get double sure about a product they are interested in. Therefore, they want to know other customers’ opinions about the same product. To do this, they simply reach to the comment section and read reviews from previous buyers. A mix experience of positive and negative comments doesn’t hinder your sales but disability of the comment or a block feedback channel does.

#Don’t Overload Your Open Source Platform: Though Magento is capable to manage a huge amount of data, this can hamper the performance. Using unnecessary data would not allow your customers to have a great experience at all. However, if you seriously require videos, images, and graphics, simply use Ajax or JavaScript to use additional videos and content in a more dynamic form.

#Don’t Integrate Your Magento With Unnecessary Ads: Unwanted or irrelevant ads can frustrate your shoppers and they may leave your website as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t integrate your Magento store with unwanted ads. Your disappointed prospects will not return once they leave. So, you leave the opportunity for the future as well. What you can do is to take benefits of ad integration on special occasions or festivals to get your customers familiar with your offers.


There is no denying the fact that eCommerce is a top-dollar industry, doubling the profits of great companies every year. A strong online presence comes up through an interactive and informative website to reach the maximum number of clients and customers. At Source Soft Solutions, we are devoted to providing feature-rich, highly professional, fully functional, and extremely beneficial Magento development solutions that can meet all your business requirements.

We develop a personalized Magento solution for your unique needs. Our expert Magento development services help you create an eCommerce store that customers love and want to come back to. Contact us to know more about our unique offerings for your diversified business needs.

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