Why PHP is quite a popular programming language among beginner programmers?

PHP is one of the preferred programming languages that developers use to work with for creating websites on the internet. It’s an open-source server-side language. The full form of “PHP” is Hypertext Preprocessor. At the initial, this programming language was called “Personal Home Page” because it was purposely developed to create personal home pages of websites. But by the time developers added some effective and impressive features along with some unique capabilities in this programming language with every single update.

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PHP is quite helpful for creating interactive and user-friendly web pages. The programming language allows programmers to create various web and GUI applications. 80% of websites that you will find on the internet rely on PHP. WordPress, Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr, MailChimp, and Wikipedia are some of the popular websites that run on PHP programming language. This is the reason why most businesses want to hire dedicated experienced PHP developers for their website development and management. Today in this article we will discuss the fact why PHP is quite popular among beginner programmers. And the exact reason behind its popularity. 

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PHP Is Best for Learning Programming

  • If you want to start your coding journey and are stuck with the thought “Which programming language should I go for my coding journey?” then PHP  is one of the best machine languages that you can choose for your learning. The simple interface and codes help coders to build interest.
  •  PHP scripting is quite easy to understand and its syntax is similar to java, C, C++, and Perl that means if you are having a good command over these languages you can easily work with this language without facing any difficulty. 
  • PHP is considered an interpreted language, which means it can run without compilation into machine instructions.
  • PHP is an open-source program, which means the programming language is freely available and allows modification and distribution without special permission. Beginner coders can contribute to language development. Also, it supports a large section of mature frameworks
  • Its been 25 years since the programming language was introduced and it has remained an open-source program throughout that time. Developers have already integrated amazing features in this language and working forward to enhance its capabilities. In short, we can say they are adding new features and pushing PHP functional boundaries. 
  • PHP developers have a great number of opportunities throughout their careers. Today every established business has its own website and they always want to hire dedicated PHP web programmers who can handle their website with perfection and pay a handsome amount as a salary. Also, PHP developers are quite in demand for service-based companies that offer web and app solutions to enterprises for businesses. 


In the nutshell, we can say PHP is not only easy to learn but also offers great learning and career opportunities to developers. So if you want to start your coding journey then you can definitely choose PHP for an excellent foundation for programming. The above read clearly shows that PHP is perfect for learning and getting better career opportunities. Also, businesses prefer PHP for their web development due to its features and simplicity. It is ideal for creating any type of website, seemingly this is the right solution to consider. Furthermore, depending on the need which eventually fits your business. You can hire dedicated web developers and get complete assistance for all your requirements.

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