Why is Competitor’s Website Analysis Crucial for Google Ads?

A Healthy Competition Always Inspires You To Do the Best
There is no denying the fact that SERP( search engine result page) is a competitive space. Every running business, whether small or established, is spying on each other’s strategy to perform better. It is a fact that without keeping a check on the trend & latest updates improving your strategy is not possible. And, even though you bring the changes in your current plans they won’t be fruitful. Thus, insight are always essential to build campaigns that prove to be result worthy.

Although for effectively running google ads, there are many factors that need to be considered. And, the first step amongst all of them is the analysis of your competitors’ websites.
Before that shortlist from the number of competitions as they are not only online but offline too. In addition to this, later one might be planning to turn up to the digital way. However, till they do not have an online presence they are not a matter of concern. 

Hence, jump to the ones that are having their websites for their users & are active and engaged with audiences. 

For your information, for google ads when the comparison is with the competitor’s website there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind.
For this reason, these are determined by taking the below-mentioned points.

  • Number of pages on the sites 
  • The number of days from when the site is active
  • Counts of the links

Firstly, the top point is the number of pages your competitor’s website has for user-friendliness & engagement. There are fair chances of them having more pages compared to yours, this does not mean to add more and make the figures the same. But, this fact will help in analyzing the price which includes the cost per page in creating, writing, image adding & editing. For this, there are also some tools available to pull information in a seamless manner.

Secondly, as mentioned, comes the point which states how old the website is. The algorithm takes into consideration the site’s built time in the ranking factor. Although, being old does not necessarily mean high ranking but it surely will tell you to have patience in the first few months. Moreover, the optimization during the initial months(probably the first 6 months) will even out the difference.

Thirdly, the key factor is the count of the links. For SEO, links to websites matter but at the time it is also necessary to view the spam or unnecessary link building as this will impact the ranking on SERP. Thus, comparing and finding the relevant number of links will help you in cracking down the types of link building for yourself too.

Taking note of the abovementioned would not only help in setting up the campaigns correctly. In addition to this, assist in making the necessary changes, so that your google ads successfully increase the ROI. Planning the bidding range is also essential otherwise there will be a decline in returns. In a brief, knowing the competition is imperative & running the test on your site in comparison with the clients helps in rectifying the mistakes.

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