When and Why to Use Node.js for Web App development

Gone are the days when JavaScript was only used as client-side programming language, nowadays, the area of application has expanded and now it is being used for server-side programming too. Node.js has indeed played an important role in this paradigm shift in web application development.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a Javascript application environment that helps in the execution of server side Javascript code. Its unique event-driven I/O model excels in developing scalable, real-time network applications. It uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine to interpret JavaScript code.

When and Why to Use Node.js for Web App development

When To Use Node.js For Web App Development?

#Server-Side Web Applications

js can be effectively used to create classic web applications on the server side. If your application is not compute-intensive, and you want to ease out the development work, build it in Javascript while using JSON storage Object DB such as MongoDB.

#Application Monitoring Dashboard

Another case where Node.js is commonly used is for building performance monitoring systems. You can create a real-time dashboard and open a communication channel to gather real time stats of the user interactions.

#Data Streaming

Streams are objects that allow you to read data from a source or write data to a destination in a continuous manner. There are four types of streams in Node.js: Readable, Writable, Transform and Duplex. A stream module forms a base API which is used to build objects for implementing the stream interface.

Why Use Node.js For Web App Development?

Starting from speed to proficiency in developing real time web applications – there are many reasons why businesses are taking up Node.js development services for their web application.

#Fast and Scalable

Written in JavaScript, Node.js has an exceptional code running speed. Therefore, it can increase any framework’s development speed. While using Node.js, developers are required to write the program correctly to make the final application adhere to the steps written.

#Fit For Real Time Applications

When it comes to developing real time applications, Node.js has some amazing features such as it is highly scalable and data can be synced between client and server. It is highly suitable for the programs that need event-based server as well as non-blocking driven servers.

#Effective Single Codebase

Indeed, Node.js is a game changing technology as developers are able to write both server side and client side JavaScript codes. This process makes it easy to send and synchronize the data between these two points automatically, thus helping developers save time.

Is Node.js good for backend?

Since introduction, Node.js has built a strong and ever growing community. Node.js is an asynchronous platform which is based on non-blocking input-output operations. It is popular amongst the developers as it is not just a framework but a complete javascript that features all the tools which are required by the developer. Whether you’re developing a real time application or building a web app that needs event-based server, Node.js is the ideal backend framework of choice.

Some of the more popular Javascript backend frameworks: Express.js – the most popular Node.js framework out there, Meteor, Sails.js, koa.js, and strapi. They are far better than other popular backend languages such as Java, C#, C++, PHP, Python, Go or Ruby.

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Why You Should Use Node.js For Your Next Project?

There is no such framework till date that will act as a silver bullet and will magically resolve all your problems. All framework have their respective pros and cons. If you’re considering to develop real-time applications that are intended to run on various devices, then go with Node.js. The Node.js framework will shine if you’ll use it in scalable, fast network apps with many users. Node.js is perfect for custom-tailored software as it helps in developing an app with a long lifespan. It helps you get considerable returns in the long run for the time and costs invested.

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