What Is the Role of Augmented Reality in the Travel Industry?

Whether it is about taking you to a sun-kissed sailing location or allowing you to check for any baggage surcharge on your airport arrival, augmented reality has plays a significant role in simplifying a lot of things.

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It is already having an impact on the travel industry through technological devices such as smartphones or tablets. AR technology is the best fit for the travel industry as it adds context to the environment. Before we take a deep dive of factors that connect augmented reality and travel together, let’s first understand the role of the technology in travel apps:

Implementation of Augmented Reality in Travel Apps:

You may be wondering how AR can reshape the travel industry. The main role of AR is to alter and improve people’s views of their surroundings when seeing through a particular device. Pokemon Go is recognized as the first widely famous augmented reality game that surprises people with the power of AR.

Well, the AR application has encouraged people to go out into the streets and travel a lot. The success of the innovation behind the app became evident that the market is ready for transformation and implementation with regards to augmented reality. If we talk about the types of augmented reality mobile apps, there are three main types-

Location-Based Apps:

These are location-based or position-based apps that rely mostly on digital compass data, accelerometer, and GPS.

Marker-Based Apps: 

These apps deliver detailed information about something after performing object recognition. It quickly connects with the camera and offers on-screen information.

Slam Apps:

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping software perform by identifying objects around the user. It uses a complex algorithm to identify colors, patterns, shapes, and other characteristics of physical objects.

According to a report, the AR market across the world is to nurture from $5.91 to 198 billion by end of the year 2015. It clearly shows how AR is going to benefit travel app development. It is emerging as an advantageous tool for businesses and marketers both. AR-based travel apps allow customers to quickly engage with its interactivity and render an immersive user experience.

This is how the AR apps would make a great contribution to the travel industry and help people to easily go around the state or country. If you want to know how AR can impact your business, take a look-


AR technology was the first to be implemented in the hospitality sector. Now the question is how it boosts the accommodation facilities? So, if you have a hotel, the technology can create all-round room tours along with the details of prices, accommodation, housekeeping, features, etc.

It can come up as the best means to engage your guests and market your hotel. All a person has to do us to scan a code to receive info or take a virtual tour of the hotel. It lets the users point to a certain spot and get particular information. You can also implement interactive maps.


Augmented Reality has now made it possible to explore various tourist destinations and attractions. Exploring places, taking virtual tours, visualizing historic landmarks, and having fun activities with the help of technology have become a true event.

AR is very communicative, apprehensive, and sociable. Even the parks are leveraging the technology to combine design, culture, art, sound, projection, and special effects. Non-existent objects like dinosaur can be brought to like for grabbing more attention.


Augmented reality can dramatically help a person finding directions to reach an unfamiliar destination. With an AR-powered app, he needs to point the camera to a transportation object and get the route, direction, places to visit, next stop, and more. The app can really be helpful for someone visiting a different country.

AR can also turn on the maps and various other similar items available in multiple languages. It greatly helps in eliminating any confusion during a journey.


AR innovation can be utilized by eateries, bars, and other cooking offices to profit from the innovation. AR would be able to pristine eatery menus with an intelligent perspective on each dish, the portion size, and ingredients in each dish. AR applications can likewise be utilized to guide clients to eateries or bistros located nearby.


Augmented reality has often been used in the gaming world but now even the travel industry is beginning to take advantage of this and rightfully. A hotel or a hospitality company may enhance their customer experience by incorporating an element of fun into their physical environment with the use of an augmented reality tourism app.

For instance, Best Western uses AR to allow children to see Disney characters on their premises. For adults, AR apps can enable users to redecorate rooms and customize it as per their liking.


It is attractive to go to an unfamiliar objective however very troublesome without having an interpreter to manage you. Understanding signs, menus, and other data turn into a troublesome undertaking in an unfamiliar land.

Be that as it may, with AR innovation, cell phones can be used to interpret various unknown dialects. Such applications interpret items and text utilizing increased reality and render a vivid, drawing in experience to voyagers around the globe.

Final Thought:

Traveling is always a different experience. The era of technology has allowed travelers to see the world from a new side. Hotels, restaurants, transport service providers, and various other players should leverage the technology and deliver their potential customers great ease of enjoying their services. Now, if you want your business to get influenced by the technology, it’s time to contact Source Soft Solutions, a highly professional and experienced augmented reality app development company, works comprehensively on your motive and delivers the solution as per your unique needs. For any queries, feel free to contact us!

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