What developers need to know about Android Developer Studio 2.0

Google recently introduced the Android Studio version 2.0 to help developers build and deploy Android apps faster than ever before. The new Android Studio is based on IntelliJ software, an open source Java integrated development environment (IDE). The latest version of the Android Developer Studio includes new features, faster emulator speed, provides ‘instant run’ support and much more. The highlights of the updates to Android Studio 2.0 are given below:

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  • The primary new feature in the Android Studio is “Instant Run.” This feature will help developers to make and see code changes instantly either on a connected device or in built-in emulator. Instant Run can help you create builds for testing 50-times faster than Android’s previous version.
  • Another major addition is a new GPU Profiler. The Profiler lets you record OpenGL ES Android sessions. You can even see the code changes for each frame and get information regarding GL State and Commands.
  • Android Studio’s emulator has a new floating toolbar. Android Application Package (APKs) can be added to the emulator using drag-and-drop function.

Since the release of first commercial version Android 1.0, Google has made rapid improvements to its Android Studio. The new features of the Studio will now help developers to speed up their Android application development process.

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