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The team of UX and UI designers at Source Soft Solutions is ready to face the tough competition and implement all the new UX/UI trends skillfully and effectively while designing and developing your mobile app.

We are already in the last days of the last month of the year and 2018 is just a few days away. People have already started preparing for the arrival of Christmas and the New Year 2018. But, at the same time, Google is getting the most searches for the question: “What will be the most popular mobile UX designing trends in 2018 or the upcoming year?”

Likewise, the world of fashion undergoes change each moment, in the same manner, the mobile design trends also undergo change. In fact, the designs used in the mobile apps constantly undergo the process of modification due to the increasing demands of customers and growing competition.

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When users download and install an app, they expect something out of the blue. And if they do not find that exceptional feature, they abandon the app the very next moment. It often results in the decline of the app’s ratings and reviews. From the recent surveys, it has been found that 1 in 4 users abandon an app after one session. This can be attributed to many reasons such as poor design, app crashing too often, security and privacy issues, bad checkout process and more.

Customers want something new, and there is no way out to impress them than providing innovative UI and UX design and an easy-to-use app. It’s important to be acquainted with the latest designing trends that will bring out a significant change in the future of mobile designs.

Simple Color Schemes & Easy Going Approach – Sometimes the complex designing strategies also become the leading cause of confusion. Hence, always try to keep the things simple and straightforward without doing too many experiments.

Similarly, when selecting the color scheme, you should go for the color which represents your brand and suits your business objective. Adding a touch of personalization will be an added advantage.

Always do the research first. Choose the color on the basis of brand image and the background of the app icon.

Innovative App Icons & Material Design Will Reign – Material Design is an all-new concept which was introduced in the year 2014 by Google and since then designing mobile app icons has become very easy. Icons play a vital role in influencing the mind of the users. Knowledge of material design is very much important if you want to design an eye-catching icon.

It is the material design that helps in choosing a perfect background. When developing an app and to make the application user-friendly, developers are able to add more features in regards to material design.

Card-based Designs Will Prevail – It is extremely important to display information to the users in an engaging and meaningful way. Card-based designs can be used to display information and market your app as well. With Google incorporating it into the material design, surely in the year to arrive card-based designs will reign.

It has become popular for navigating social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and even the eCommerce sites where the customers can go through the product details and descriptions including its image. Therefore, designers focus on designing the best cards balancing the size of the text and the image.

Increased Video-based Content than Text – In 2018, there will be a significant increase of video-based content in comparison to text-based explanations. This is because the maximum of the users look to YouTube for some information or short tutorial.

Videos help the less educated people and those who cannot understand the complex words. Thus, the UX design strategy has to be drifted with more videos getting added to fulfill the requirement of the users.

Impact of AR and VR on Mobile Designing – In the year 2018, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will surely influence mobile designing segment. With the advancement of the augmented reality, the designers need to brush up their skills and creativity.

The arena of AR as of now was restricted only to the gaming and the shopping world, but the launch of iPhone X, new floodgates have opened and more areas such as medical, education and tourism will get covered. The users will now be able to view more digital images thus enhancing the overall experience.

The same thing applies to Virtual Reality (VR) as well. Although, it is in its early stages, it is highly expected that VR videos will also become highly popular and already companies have started taking notable steps in this direction.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the year 2018 will bring many new and creative challenges for the designers. The team of UX and UI designers at Source Soft Solutions is ready to face the tough competition and implement all the new UX/UI trends skillfully and effectively while designing and developing your mobile app.

With the passage of time, the challenges will keep on becoming difficult. Therefore, we, at Source Soft Solutions, always have the ground prepared to win the battle.

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