Web Design Trends – Top Predictions for 2019

Dynamic, user-friendly and interactive are three words aptly suitable for web design! It requires many branches of knowledge to create an influential web design that can be easily perceived by the target audience. Web design is no longer meant to resemble print media in its style. With the evolution of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and advanced designing tools, designers have got ample of new opportunities to design the way they want and the client needs.

With the year 2019 approaching very fast, to maintain a competitive edge in the industry, make sure that your website designs are in accordance with current trends. Make your website look great with a visually appealing design. To have enough of conversion, make sure it is easy to use. One way to stay updated is to remain astounded with trends predictions for the upcoming year.

Why use the latest design trends? Because your design must interact with the visitors and convey emotions. Upload good photos to make it really high quality. For example – The high number of sales made through Instagram reveals why high quality image is so important. Suppose, a customer buys a stylish shirt through Instagram, he will pay for the image that is behind this thing – he visually perceives the guy who is dressed in it.

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Here are the top predictive trends that will shape further development of web design in 2019:

Full Screen Video

Internet loves videos and users too. Videos are informative and help to engage visitors. In the recent past, full screen videos got faded away in the background because mobile devices hardly displayed websites and the load speed was minimal. This leads to a decrease in conversion. Now, with the growth of bandwidth and faster Internet, the developers can design website with a full screen video background and make a larger than life impression.

Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes appeared in 2016 and since then it has gained popularity and it will continue to do so in 2019 too. Different shapes used in designs give a new look to your layout and visual identity to the elements of the website. Previously, we had seen only circles and rectangles in web design, now we are seeing more and more websites with geometric shapes such as trapeziums, triangles and even rhombuses. The trend with multi-colored particles is also gaining momentum. Colorful geometric shapes and figures make your pages memorable for the visitors. They will leave them in awe.


Cinemagraphs is a static picture in which minor or repeated movement occurs in a single element. Its dynamic nature helps create the illusion of watching a short video clip. The animation is another element that captures the attention of the visitors and spark inspiration. They are powerful than still images and GIFs. Another actual trend is 3D graphics. They are considered to be fashionable and encourage them to take action.

Unique Font Styles

90% of website design comes down to three aspects – images, layout and font. Unique fonts can help you stand out among your competitors. The combination of unique fonts and minimalist design creates a good impression on the visitors. Quality unique font affects the perception of information by a user. Variational fonts are also very popular. Variable letters which gradually increase and decrease and they look attractive to the users.

Bright Colors

Color is a design tool. Can you imagine a website without colors. Designers often make use of bright colors to enhance the visual appeal of websites. However, use of bright colors make the website design project more expensive, but you can gradient to create a unique effect using colors that convey your message. Gradient color design is a very complex element and it requires experience and professionalism. You can also use vibrating colors.

Ghost Buttons

The websites with minimalist look are always in trend. Investing in such web design is worth the investment. Ghost buttons are transparent call to actions buttons and clickable items that are popping everywhere right now. Such transparent buttons allow the user to calm down and focus on the content but be sure to add a clear message on the button to avoid confusion.

Reading the latest design trends will not yield a good return. Instead, implement them in your website design to outrank your competitors.

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