Top Use Cases for IoT Technology and How You Can Get Started

IoT or Internet of Things is an ever growing network of physical objects connected to each other through internet enabled devices and applications. With IoT being one of the most popular digital emerging technologies, many things have undergone transformation today.

IoT is being used in everything, ranging from enterprise applications such as industrial sensors to fun & innovative Wi-Fi enabled toothbrushes. Unlike other emerging technology solutions, IoT improves the lives of the users and their experiences in real time. A number of companies have already introduced IoT into their workplace and are enjoying significant growth in their sectors.

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Below are enlisted the real time cases where IoT technology is being used:

IoT and Healthcare Industry – When IoT is implemented in the healthcare sector, it allows the medical centers to work efficiently thereby letting the patients receive better treatment. It helps in real time monitoring and reporting, which can help save lives in case of emergency conditions. IoT can make healthcare service delivery effective with the automation of patient data processing, machine-to-machine communication, and information exchange. The IoT-enabled devices collect vital data and transfer them to doctors for real-time patient monitoring and service delivery.

IoT and Asset Tracking – Big companies like Infosys, IBM, GE and more together has launched Asset Efficiency Testbed that helps in collecting asset information efficiently and accurately in real time. This helps in easy decision making. Other industries that are using IoT for asset tracking include construction, healthcare, education, and leasing. Optimize and easily manage your assets with IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions. It also allows you to keep track of your equipment and fleets thus helping business to reduce risk and save money.

IoT and Smart Metering – Government utilities across the world are adopting ways to reduce carbon footprints and conserve energy by using wireless Internet of Things technologies. They have started using interconnected smart grids to transform traditional energy infrastructure. Smart metering is the first milestone in smart grid implementation. Some of the benefits of smart metering include reduction in the cost of ownership, collection of valuable insights of energy usage, compliance with rules and regulations, improvement in offerings and transformation in business models.

IoT and Predictive Maintenance – The Internet of Things can help industries and other facilities avoid costly repairs by predicting equipment faults before they occur. IoT sensors are now support railroad tracks to keep track of the trains and identify the potential problems. The drones in power lines are the game changers. The drones can help you inspect big machines efficiently and safely. It can also reduce the expenses by 4times.

How Can You Get Started?

The emerging technologies play a vital role in the business growth and organizations should implement them. Source Soft Solutions is the leading provider of customized emerging technology solutions. We have helped small companies to large enterprises achieve greater productivity and business agility.

Our highly skilled team of professionals have a thorough knowledge of all new IT technologies. We empower our clients with our proven strategies and innovative ideas in the field of digital emerging technologies such as IoT, big data, cloud computing to name a few. Our IoT solutions will surely drive transformational growth of your business by bringing more opportunities, enhancing customer engagement and building a new brand image in the marketplace.

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