Top Programming Languages Used for Android Application Development

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lifestyle. The reason is many applications installed in the device fulfill our day-to-day needs. These easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions involve a planned development and designing process. In the backend different types of coding languages, UI, UX, testing are performed by proficient professionals that ultimately give you an app to install from app stores.

Every android or iOS app is developed in different programming languages. Here, in this post after having a quick discussion with our android developer we come to know about a few of the important coding languages. The companies use them while providing android application development services.

android application development services

For the insight here we are mentioning the two most popular of them. The below read will help you to inquire and understand clearly while availing the solution regarding application development.


It considerably is the official language for android app development. Though, there are many more programming languages that are used by programmers. However, the app stores offering a major number of applications have built on JAVA codes. The reason behind the same is the support that Google offers to apps developers. In addition to this, for your information, there exist communities that provide error correction or new updates assistance. Such online supports comes as an aid during the development problem related to JAVA coding. Apparently, it is a little complicated due to the encapsulation of constructors, null pointers, checked exceptions, or concurrency. But, due to the complexity, it helps in improving the app’s security and functionality.


Another language that is popularly used by the companies providing android app development services is Kotlin. The advantage of implementing the respective language is its cross-platform attributes. The advanced feature of the Kotlin makes the removal of some complicated factors such as null pointer exceptions and easier. Therefore, apart from Java, Kotlin has become the preferred programming language for app development companies.

Apart from the aforementioned critical languages, there are a few more namely HTML, Python, C++ that come to use. Though, each of them is utilized for different purposes such as designing, user interfacing, and more. Hence, while availing development services from the companies, it is important to discuss the objectives. 

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