Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2019

PHP – the most popular server side scripting language – is widely used for developing websites and web applications. PHP has earned the title of being the most stable and secure framework for web development as it is capable of handling both simple and complex apps securely and at a comparatively faster pace. Websites built using PHP frameworks are highly responsive, easy to maintain and scalable.

PHP framework is a universal platform of reusable software which is used for building websites and web apps of diverse sizes and complexities. It is a library of code base which enables developers to create web solutions of their choice. Developers are not required to rewrite the same code repeatedly for every page. The reasons why developers rely on existing proven PHP frameworks are as follows:

PHP development services

  • Reusable, maintainable code facilitates the speed of web development.
  • Framework-based web apps are highly scalable.
  • Guarantees a high level of security for the PHP site.
  • Model-View-Controller paradigm ensures separation of presentation and logic.

Here are the top PHP frameworks that are considered ideal for web development projects.


It is a new PHP framework but it is the most popular framework among the developers. It comes packed with features that enhance the web development process. It offers a huge ecosystem with an instant hosting and deployment platform. Laravel uses lightweight templating engine Blade that facilitates repetitive tasks such as authentication, queueing, RESTful routing and caching.


Featuring next on the list is Zend. The robust and stable PHP framework is packed with a range of features such as user-friendly drag and drop editor, cryptographic coding tools, a connected Database Wizard, and online debugging tools. There are myriad of configuration options that make it ideal for complex websites. Zend Framework 2 combined with agile methodology facilitates delivering high-quality apps to enterprise clients.


Another widely appreciated PHP framework is the decade old CakePHP. It is an open-source PHP framework which brings speed, security, and reliability in the web development process. The latest version CakePHP 3.6 comes with enhanced components and helpers, merged themes and plugins, better session management and performance. CakePHP 3 can prevent SQL injection, protect cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and prevent cross-site scripting (XSS). Enhanced session management and creation of standalone libraries are some of its advantages.


Yii is one of the oldest PHP frameworks has come up with its latest version Yii2 to get the popularity boost. It uses the lazy loading technique for faster development. It is completely object oriented, allowing you to generate codes as you need. Due to its integration with AJAX and Jquery features, it is suitable for large scale website development.


CodeIgniter is also a decade old framework written in PHP! This lightweight framework is a popular choice to create full-featured web apps. Its installation process is straightforward with minimal configuration requirements. CodeIgniter offers flexibility to developers and is able to work smoothly on all shared as well as dedicated hosting platforms. Upon downloading, you’ll see that its only 2MB that is why it is known as the lean framework. At the same time, it allows you to add third-party plugins for more complicated functionalities.

The choice of PHP framework completely depends on the type of website that needs to be developed. However, scalability, speed, and security are some of the basics that developers look into for smooth and hassle-free web application development journey using these frameworks. Source Soft Solutions is a trusted PHP development services provider that can help your business outrank the competitors. Our team of highly skilled developers provide innovative PHP solutions that are best suited to your web development needs.

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