Three Drivers of Paid Search Campaigns for eCommerce Business

As you build your eCommerce store, you must be thinking of how to market your activities to drive sales online. You cannot expect sales come flooding in with your spanking website. You need to be naïve and go beyond the traditional marketing borderline when it comes to driving traffic and converting them into shoppers. Paid search, also called pay-per-click, is one of the most effective ways for eCommerce stores to get to the top.

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A recent survey has revealed that 99% of e-retailers spend some of their marketing dollars on pay-per-click search advertisement. Just as the adage goes: Not all customers are created equal; similarly, not all paid search campaigns can yield equal value. So use these three main drivers to get maximum value from your paid search campaigns:

Product listing ads: Are you unfamiliar with the term product listing ads (PLAs)? Well, you must know about PLA if you want to drive most traffic and profit for your online store. PLAs come up when a customer searches for a product on search engine. A PLA features an image of the product, its price and the name of the store. PLA is the quickest way for customers to compare products during what-to-buy stage. So, if your product is listed on PLA, it can lead to an immediate sale.

PPC Ad extensions: Are you already using Adwords? Great! But now it’s time to think above Adwords. Include ad extensions to your adverts to earn higher click through rates (CTR). Ad extensions are like adding extra information to your adverts for improving its relevancy. There are four types of ad extensions that you can use for your eCommerce PPC campaign: Sitelink Extension, Review Extension, Structure Snippet and Callout Extension.

Optimize Landing Pages: You can quickly lose your potential customer if your customer doesn’t get what you promised in your Ad. The landing page is the sales conversion engine of PPC campaign. To improve your conversion rate, your landing page should be optimized in a way that matches your ad’s description, answers the visitor’s query and contains quirky call to action button.

Implement these ideas to optimize your paid search campaign and continue to measure along the way. Though pay-per-click advertising is an appropriate marketing strategy for eCommerce business, but results may vary from brand to brand. However, the better you’re at optimizing your PPC campaign, the greater will be the conversion rate.

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