The 5-Step Checklist You Must Follow for Perfect Website Redesign

Website is the most important marketing tool in the digital space. A web design is the first impression that your visitors make about your business. If a website lacks good navigation structure and user interface, customers will immediately leave the website in search of something better. If that’s the case with your company website, it is probably the time for website redesign.

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But the questions is … do you need a complete overhaul of your online presence or some minor changes? As your brand evolves, so must your website. An outdated website sends wrong message about your business. In fact, 75% of customers tend to judge the credibility of companies based on their web design. If your website is resulting in lower engagement, lower conversion and lower sales, then website redesign is the answer for your problems. The 5-step website redesign checklist will help you get your plans off the ground.

  1. Survey Your Current Site: The good news about website redesign project is that you can utilize the existing website and make changes to align it to your evolving business objectives. Review your site and create a list of its strengths and weaknesses. Analyze your homepage and find out what works and what does not work. Your homepage design should be outstanding if you want to attract more visitors. Also, note down what you don’t like about your website. Discuss these observations with your designer and redesign them to make the site better.
  2. Check Your Website’s User Experience: 88% of customers are not likely to return to a website after having bad user experience. This might be the case with your outdated website too. User experience is one of the most important factors to consider when redesigning a website. Apply Peter Morville’s user experience honeycomb formula to know where your site stands:Useful:

    Is your website content useful and fulfill a unique need?Usable: Is your website easy to use?

    Desirable: Does your website have appealing images, graphics and evoke a sense of appreciation?

    Findable: Is your website easily navigable and compatible with all devices?

    Accessible: Can people with disabilities easily access your website?

    Credible: Do visitors see your website as credible?

  3. Take hints from competitors’ website: Take a closer look at the websites of top-ranked competitors. Dig a little deeper to know how your website compare to them. Analyzing competitors’ website before redesigning doesn’t mean you have to copy & paste their features into your site. Website analysis of your competitors will give you ideas to reinvent the wheel. Be unique. Be original. But do better than what others are doing. It can be possible only when you know what your competitors are doing and how you can do that differently.
  4. Explore new functionalities: In the online world, things always stay in motion. If your business is able to keep pace with new trends and styles in web design, you can easily win customers. Learn more about the most cutting edge designs and modes available and how they can help you improve your online presence. Discuss with an expert web designer to generate ideas on how you can make your site easier to navigate, more functional and eye-catching.
  5. Think about ‘Why’ not ‘What’: A lot of companies fail to realize that just talking about their products and services doesn’t help in conversions. The visitors look for content and features on your website that talk about them and how your services can fulfill their needs. Do make sure your redesigned website includes features and content that result in an emotional response.

A successful website redesign needs a good balance between creativity and learning. Leave the creativity factor to the web design company you’ll hire for your site, but learning is your job. This 5-step website redesign checklist will guarantee a fully functional and usable website with the most value for your business.

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