Social Media Marketing: Thinking of Change or Change of Thinking?

With the fast changing online world, marketers and business leaders are facing tremendous pressure in attracting, engaging and interacting with genuine customers. Everyday, digital marketers fill their Facebook page with unique posts, amazing Twitter feeds, update Instagram profile, and post professional content in LinkedIn page, but still they feel that the results are not satisfying. Just creating pages on social sites and increasing followers & likes

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– it’s not going to work that way anymore! It’s time for a change in thinking and change in SMO strategies!

Running social media campaigns might seem to be easy for you, but it’s quite tricky. Your goal is not to be good at social media, but to be good at the business of social media. You cannot deny that social media traffic is the biggest referrer of your website. If you understand the difference between actual impressions and potential impressions, you will win the battle of social media. Here are some new tactics to try to get more value out of your social media marketing plans:

# Humanize Your Social Media Presence

Reliable reach is best possible with E-mail, phone and even fax. When it comes to social media, reliable reach becomes a bit difficult. Firstly, you need to be sure that your messages get through to your prospective customers. Secondly, you need to interact with customers on a more personal level. This will improve brand loyalty, increase conversion rates, and faster audience growth.

# Remain Global But Don’t Forget Local

The only difference between “good” and “successful” social media marketing is effectiveness. “If you’re thinking of change in your social marketing, first change your thinking about social media.” There is no shortcut to success. Plan your social marketing strategy, integrate the above mentioned plans into your own and see how it works wonders!

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